Monday, July 25, 2011

Keji and the Beach Bash

I'm running a weekend behind, lol. On the 16th we went to Kejimkujik National Park (Keji for short). It was Parks Canada Day, so the entry fee was waived. We haven't been there, I don't think, since the Littlest One was a baby. We were later getting there than we planned, it rained up til about noon. We got lots of walking in, but there was another trail or two that I would have liked to walk had time allowed. (And everyone but me started complaining about tired feet, sore backs, etc.)

We didn't see any wildlife in Keji that day at all besides birds. On the way home we took a back road past the last campground we were seasonal at in 2009. We were almost back to the main road when we came around a corner to see two baby deer in the road. They quickly jumped into the woods beside a camp where Mama was waiting. I got her and one of the babies, but the other baby was up on the hill, and I couldn't get a picture of her.

Then the next day it was the annual Summerville Beach Bash. On the way there we saw another baby deer. Poor thing was scared to death, she kept running up and down the side of the road along the tree line. Cars had stopped in case she bolted into the road. I made a noise, and she stopped right by the car, so I took her picture. She stood there cross-legged for about six or seven seconds, then she took off up the tree line again. A lady had gotten out of her car to try and shoo the fawn back into the woods, which she finally did do, and hopefully Mama was on the same side of the road. We didn't see The Mama.

The Littlest One in the ice cream eating contest. He didn't really eat fast, I think it was just his way of scamming a free ice cream, lol.

The tallest boy in the middle won.

Him in the sack race. Anything for food! lol - I think he got potato chips out of this one. Either that or candy. The Oldest One did a couple of contests, too, but nothing that I could get in to take a decent picture.

There's always a sandsculpture contest. This one was neat. It won for the single person category.

This one entitled The Royal Watchers won for the group/family category. It was done by the Littlest One's teacher from last year.

This was the Oldest One's castle with volcano.

And this was the Littlest One's, but he got too sidetracked with competitions and swimming with a friend he had met up with.

The other night at Knit Nite I commented that I found the screen in one of our new living room windows popped out in one corner. It wasn't tore, just popped out. I wasn't sure if it was the dogs or a friend of ours who was over the previous weekend. (He had gone outside for a smoke and was looking the front window, thought maybe he pressed up against it too hard and probably didn't realize it happened.) Anyhoo, I come home that night, and lo and behold I find claw marks in my new window screens. I was NOT a happy camper! So now I have to get a rescreening kit, cut a new screen, and fix my window. So for now I put a pedestal fan in front of this window, along with my vacuum (they hate the vacuum!). The other side has a chair in front of it, so when I'm gone I just move the chair back closer to the window. The dogs are so damned nosy, anyone going up or down the road they have to bark at, especially if they have a dog, or if they see one of the neighborhood cats. I'm sure it was Jewel, Maggie jumps right up into the middle of the window where the three solid glass panes are, and Jewel always jumps up with her front feet on the sill. I'm sure it was her big feet that got flopping around and tore my screen!

Otherwise, Happy Knitting!


Blogger Donna M said...

We haven't been to Keji in a long time! The pictures are great.

And we were away for the Beach Bash, but obviously it was successful!

7:42 PM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like a great place for a hike.

8:29 PM  

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