Friday, March 16, 2012

Anniversary Socks

Better late than never, I made Hubs a pair of socks for our anniversary which was on Febuary 26. The yarn is Austerman Step in 01 colorway. They were started February 25 and finished on March 13. I used 2.5mm needles and a stitch pattern I'd gotten out of a book somewhere a couple of years ago. I used the stitch pattern once before. Ravelry details here.

A flashless picture trying to show the pattern.

We've got the kids in the city tonight for the night. We got a hotel with a pool, they went swimming for about three hours. There are three hockey teams staying here as well, so when we first got to the pool (which is only small) it was really crowded. After awhile it was just us, then we got invaded again, lol, so we cleared out. Tomorrow we're headed to the Discovery Centre.

Happy knitting!


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