Sunday, September 09, 2012

Labour Day Weekend Part 1

Backtracking a bit here, I'm going to post some pictures from Labour Day weekend.  But first here's a pair of socks I knit for Hubs.  They are Escalator Socks knit in Kertzer On Your Toes 4ply in blue heather.  I had to buy a skein of it from fellow Knitterpudlian, knitweir, but it's a different dye lot with quite a bit of difference.  You can see the toe of the second sock is clearly a different color.  It's not so bad inside, but outside in the sunlight you could really see the difference.  These socks were knit on 2.25mm needles and started on August 1, finished on the 31st.  Ravelry details here.

On Friday night we stayed at a hotel and took the kids to some cars races.  They had kiddie rides, so the boys got in line to hop in a car a do a few laps around the track.  The Oldest One has been to local drag races before, but neither has been to stock car races.

Cheap night, nearly four hours for $28.  The Littlest One got a bit bored after about three hours.  There were lots of accidents, they raced four or five different kinds of races, well worth the money.  And the track is right next door to the hotel so it's a five minute walk.

The next morning we went to the aviation museum that is on the other side of the hotel.  We were there several years ago when it was actually closed, but there was a man there who took us inside and let the boys into several different aircraft that people normally aren't allowed to get in.  This is just a simulator that kids can get in and pretend to be pilots.

This is an actual tire off of one of the space shuttles autographed by an astronaut.

After the museum we went to Shubenacadie Wildlife Park.  We haven't been there since the Oldest One was about two, before the Littlest One came along.

There were lots of babies around.

One of Momma's babies went under the fence to the other side of the pen.  She wasn't long flying up and over to keep an eye on her little wanderer.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... well, BIG ball of fur, lol.

Swift fox.

Red fox. (No, not Redd Foxx!)

A marten.

Gray wolves.

An arctic wolf having a spazz attack like Jewel and Maggie have.  She was rolling all over the place.

Peacocks have such a beautiful blue color in their feathers.

There were several little turtles sunning themselves, but this little guy was off by himself.

The minks were too cute, but according to the worker who came to feed them they can be super nasty and kill for sport.  They heard him coming in his little four wheeler thing, and they were running all over the place, looking in the direction of the sound.  It was still cute.

Oodles and oodles of ducks, geese, and swans (mostly ducks) who were everywhere the 25 cent corn feeders were.

I had to look close to make sure this guy was still breathing.  He was very sound asleep.

It was a good day for Shubie, it was a sunny but cooler day, so the animals were pretty much all out and about.  We also stopped at New Ross Farm on the way home, but I will save pictures of that for next time as I have a lot of pictures from that stop to show.

Happy knitting!


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Looks like the boys had a lot of fun.
Love the socks - I should make thsoe for Dave

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