Monday, July 02, 2012

Catch Up

There's not a lot of knitting to catch up on.  Too much going on lately.  My BFF is here from Alberta for a month with her three kids.  Work has been nuts (and of course anything and everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong when it's busy).  This past weekend was a long weekend in Canada - July 1st is Canada's birthday, plus it's Privateer Days in town.  But we'll get to that in a minute.

First up I made the Oldest One's teacher a market bag (the purpley one), and the Littlest One has two teachers (one on Monday, the other the rest of the week), so they each got one of the other colors.  I made a fourth purpley bag, but that was the first one.  I had added a bit of length to the bag and had to fiddle with the handle.  The first bag's handle is a little off, so I kept it for myself.  All four are knit with Bernat Handicrafter. They also each got a $10 Tim's card.  Ravely details here.

So the Oldest One graded out of grade six and goes off to junior high in September.  They had a graduation ceremony on Thursday.  He got all As and Bs.  The Littlest One will be in grade four in the fall.  He graded with all As except for one B in writing.

So as mentioned above this past weekend was Privateer Days weekend in town.  Saturday was parade day.  The leader of the parade was this police officer on a motorcycle.  He stopped and let the Littlest One sit on his bike.

Next up was the Oldest One with the band that he belongs to - he is in the middle, trumpet down, baggy shirt and pants.  His stuff was too small, of course, he hasn`t worn it since probably last fall. So in a pinch he got some replacements with room to grow, lol.

I really like the giraffe on the back of the SPCA hummer.

And any locals know my friend, Charlie.  Everyone in town knows Charlie, lol.

Friday night we went out to karaoke, Saturday night was an 80s dance, then we hit the beer tent.  Last night was the grand finale fire works.
Happy knitting, and I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend if you`re in Canada!


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