Thursday, December 27, 2012


The only other Christmas knitting I did was a very fast pair of work socks for BIL.  I made him a pair last year, but it was one of those times where I never heard anything more, if he liked them, used them, loved them, hated them, etc.  That is until the Friday night before Christmas when he came over and said he wears them to work all the time.  So I cast on December 22 and cast off the 24th at 5pm, so no blocking time again this year, lol.  I even found my notes from the last pair in the bag with the yarn, so I did them the same as the last pair.  The yarn is Briggs & Little Heritage in navy, the pattern is Thuja.  Details here.

 So tradition is Christmas Eve the boys get to open a gift.  The Littlest One got some new Lego.

The Oldest One got a new Nascar game for the xbox.

The Littlest One left a note for Santa with his cookies and milk, complete with reply paper, lol.  He also threw two carrots and an apple out on the lawn for the reindeer. (Santa DID answer, can't seem to locate the picture at the moment.)

The boys are into Minecraft, so they ordered some t-shirts with the money that Nanny and Grampy W give me every year to buy them clothes.  I didn't let on they had arrived, I told them I still hadn't gotten them yet, but in reality they had arrived about two weeks before Christmas.

Santa brought us a new popcorn maker.

The Littlest One got an iPad.

The Oldest One got a new laptop.

Mama got a Keurig, Papa got a band saw, Dremel tool, and a digital tv converter box so he can watch tv in his truck. Lots of other goodies as well.

 We were a little late on the gingerbread house.  We put that together last night.

This was quite cool, the boys picked me out a stained-glass-like recycled bottle candle holder.  Picture without and with flash so you can see what it looks like better.

And apparently now I am a collector of nutcrakers.  I got these four from the boys and the little sheep is new, too.
And this guy is pretty cool, he's welded and painted metal with spike legs.

Of course the animals weren't forgotten, either.  The girls got their usual sock full of toys and some treats. Pumba got some treats.  I'll post pictures of those next time.

Happy knitting!

PS  Check out the sale at Wandering Cat Yarns!  You won't regret it!!  (Only if you miss it!)


Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Looks like you all got nice and spoiled! I love that popcorn maker!

And thanks for the mention!

9:12 PM  
Blogger Monika said...

Sounds like a Merry Christmas to me! :o) My son likes Minecraft too. I spoiled myself with more WCY from this sale. :o)

9:54 AM  

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