Monday, September 17, 2012

Labour Day Weekend Part 2

So on the way home on Saturday of Labour Day weekend we stopped at New Ross Farm.  I've wanted to go there many times, I don't think I've been there since I was in grade two on a class trip so it has been a LONG time.  We got there late, do all the cool activities for that day were pretty much over.  They boys went to the school house first where they tried their hands at quill writing.  It was slooowww and a little on the messy side.  They each did the entire sheet, and I brought them home and put them on the fridge.

There were loads of babies everywhere, too.  Momma nearly crushed one of the babies when she flopped over to let them feed.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but she was really big.  The same building had a cow milking demonstration, and the kids could try, but there were so many people that my two moved along to other stuff.

Then they went on a wagon ride.  (In the winter they do sleigh rides if there's snow.)

And sheep, of course.  Had to photograph the sheep!

The boys got to do some leather punching and made keychains with their initials.

Then we made it to the house (which was lived in until 1969, I believe the lady said, when the property was given to the government to use as a museum.)  This is the coolest part I would have loved to have done - they did carding and spinning (also taffy pulling), but that was done for the day by the time we got there. But I took lots of pictures of the various antique spinning wheels.

More babies roaming around the farm.

I love baskets and barrels, always have.  There's an apple barrel building in the back.  The boys got to put some of the rings on a barrel in progress.  Again, it was like half an hour before closing, the man had put his fire out, so they couldn't do too much.  They have a tendency to not let people do too much other than put rings on anyways because the tools are so sharp, it's a safety issue.

So while the boys and their dad were learning about barrels I beat my feet for the store at the front of the property where they sell various sized apple barrels/baskets, and I had my eye on them.  I ended up with one of the larger ones with rope handles.  It's all just rough lumber, so I plan on lining it with some material and using it for a hat/mitten barrel.  The lining will be so it doesn't snag my knitted goods.

Happy knitting!


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