Friday, April 19, 2013

The Wounded

This is Maggie, I'm taking over Mama's blog today.  Wednesday I was a bit of a bad girl.  After Mama went to work I decided to snoop on the kitchen counter, see what goodies I might find.  Mama calls me Springy sometimes because I have border collie in me, and I can jump really high, so getting up on the countertop isn't hard for me!  I stole Pumba's cat food and a couple of dishes out of the sink.  I didn't put them back, so Mama found the evidence of what I was doing.  So when I jumped down I didn't quite land right.  When my big brother got home from school I tried to get off the sofa and fell, so he called Mama at work and told her that I couldn't walk on my right front leg.  She came home from work and checked me out, called the doctor, but I couldn't get in til the next morning.

So the next morning Mama and her BFF took me to the doctor.  I didn't want to go in there, I tried to get away.  The doctor said I had to stay so he could sedate me and xray me to see if I broke anything.  When they tried to get me into the back I slipped out of my collar and ran for Mama who was going out the door.  The big meanie left me there with strangers, and I was so scared.  I guess the doctor called her in the evening and said I didn't break anything, he was going to put a compression bandage on my leg and send me home.  But he changed his mind and called her back five minutes later and told her that he was putting a cast on my leg, and I couldn't leave til the next morning!  He realized that I tore the tendon off the small bone in the back of my leg where the paw attaches, my dog ankle, I guess you can call it.  Through the night I chewed my cast, so when she came for me I had this hideous cone around my head, and I was howling for all I was worth.  Mama heard me as soon as she got close to the front door!  I'm supposed to wear it when no one is around to keep an eye on me.  I can pick up 149 channels when I'm wearing it, I swear!  I hate it, it caused me great stress.

I have medication to take for inflammation and pain, and I have some other stuff to calm me down if I get worked up, but now that I'm home I've settled down.  Mama even took me to work with her this afternoon because I was so stressed from the vet visit, she wouldn't leave me alone.  I don't like my paw being bent back this way, but the doctor said I have to so it will heal correctly.  He also told Mama that I need to lose weight, and you can tell by the look on my face what I think about that idea!  If he thinks I'm overweight he should take a look at Jewel!!

Mama will be back in a couple of days with some knitting stuff.  I'm stuck with this thing on my arm for three weeks!


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Poor Maggie!

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