Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Finally a Finished Project

I finally finished the baby set I was working on, and it is listed on eBay. I have been working on my socks and am just turning the heel on the first one. I think I will work on that tonight. I have to work on Logan's sweater as well as this: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTtrellis.html I picked up some aran yarn today at the store for that. (I sold the pink cabled cardigan and hat today. Good reason to buy more yarn! I do believe it's going to South Africa.)

It was quite hot and muggy today. Logan and I went to for a walk tonight. Daddy went to play ball and took Darren with him. There is a playground at that field, and one of the other guys on the team was taking his daughter as well. There's a nice breeze coming in the kitchen right now. The windows are opened wide, and all three cats are flaked out in the windows enjoying it.

Think I will go look over the Trellis pattern, then get back to work on my sock. Will try to get a picture of it posted in the next couple of days.

Happy Knitting!


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