Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finally Moved Nav Bar

When I first started blogging the Blogger Nav Bar was on the sidebar. It changed quite awhile back to the top of the page, covering the first few lines of each post I make. I tried changing templates, republishing with the same template, etc, nothing worked. I e-mailed Blogger yesterday finally and got an automated answer telling me basically that if I couldn't find an answer in their help section to reply to their e-mail for assistance (which could take awhile). I finally stumbled onto something tonight, and after a little bit of trial and error I seem to have moved it back to the sidebar. I really wish it was either up before my links or after it, but I'll take what I can get.

Got the small buttonhole bag finished and felted. Took some pics but didn't get them uploaded yet to the computer. I will probably wait til I finish the felted bucket hat and mittens set that I am currently working on so I can post the pics at the same time. I was hoping to have them completed tonight, but I don't think that will happen. It will be close, though. One mitten is almost finished.

We are experiencing a nice little springtime right now. Today it was like 8 Celsius and windy. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 7, Saturday showers and 9, and Sunday rain and 10. On Monday it drops down to -1. Oh, well. I'll take all this as long as we can get it. We've only had a bit of snow once back in early December. It snowed through the night enough to cancel school the next day. It hasn't really been all that cold, either, but I'm sure that will change. January is almost half over, and this month and next are our worst for cold and storms. March is iffy. This weather is much easier on the oil bill, and Travis hasn't had to plug the big truck in yet. That drives the power bill up a lot, but when it's cold there's no choice if I want him to get to work in the morning. Too cold truck won't start.

Must go bath the littlest one. I have to be careful not to get his steri strips wet. I don't want them to come off too early and let his cut come unglued before it's healed.

Happy knitting!


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