Monday, February 20, 2006


I took Logan skating today for the first time. I put a pair of bobskates on him. The next time I will put real skates on him. These darned things kept falling off, and it was hard for me to try to bend over to fasten them back on. It hurt my ankles. The skates I have for him are 12-13, and right now he wears 10s, but I can just put an extra pair of socks on him. These ones don't have laces but a strap that comes across and gets tightened. They are also moulded skates and should provide plenty of support. All in all he liked it. He didn't like it when I let go of his hand, but he actually did a little better when he was on his own. There were only six kids altogether, so there was plenty of room to move. There's some free public skates for 17 year olds and older, and I heard they are quite crowded.

He was quite excited this morning and had to wear his helmet for awhile.

I should make it to the heel on my Pomatomus sock tonight. The pictures in yesterday's post are actually more vivid than what the yarn actually looks like in person. The pattern is a lot more visible in person as well. When both socks are finished I will try to take a picture of them in natural light and see if it turns out better. The flash washes so much out. Last night I was working on the sock and watching a movie. I think I K2tbl where I shouldn't have. Anyways, I had a boo-boo and had to back out about five rounds. I'm back on track now, but that set me behind. I am anxious to get these finished so I can finish Darren's socks as well as another pair that are on the go for me.

Got a call from the oil company today apologizing for me running out of oil. They blamed it on miscommunication (really a total lack of) between the sales and delivery departments. They installed an oil-fired hot water tank at the end of November, and the delivery department didn't take into account the extra oil consumption. He said now if you run out on automatic delivery you get a $50 credit. I told him when I signed up 7-8 years ago it was a 200L credit which I calculated out to be $150. He said the most he could credit was $75 without going to a superior. I told him give me the $75 credit and forward my request for the other $75 to whoever had to deal with that. He agreed with me that any change to the automatic delivery policy should have been mailed out to me. That was the largest oil bill I've ever gotten! When I bought my first house in 1997 I went with this company the following year. I had to get a new furnace and selkirk chimney installed. Oil was only 28 cents/L! Right now it's 75.9 cents/L, and this company is one of the more expensive places to get oil. I'll see what the person has to say - he said I'd get a call tomorrow or Wednesday.

I was just watching a bit of Degrassi the Next Generation. It's a spin-off of the old Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High, and Degrassi High. Four of the characters are from the orginal shows, playing the same characters. Boy, it makes me feel old. They are my age. Once in awhile if there isn't anything else on we will put it on one of the old shows. BBC Canada still shows them, as well as some other channels. I loved those shows when I was younger. Of course it was a show for teens, and I was a teen back then and could relate. I feel all queasy when I watch it, though. No other old shows make me get that way, it's weird. Of course, all this reminiscing mostly is due to the fact that my birthday is next Wednesday. Six more years, and I'll be turning forty!

Well now that I'm depressed (just kidding - well maybe just a bit) I wish everyone good luck in the final countdown to the end of the Olympics.

The Canadian women won gold in hockey today! Woo-hoo!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

Glad you got some payment from the oil company. LOgan looks as cute as can be in his skates!! Do we have another Elvis in our community!?

10:14 AM  
Blogger JessaLu said...

I can't walk on ice nevermind skate on it (and I grew up on a lake!) so I give you much credit for teaching the offspring :o)

I'll be forty in six years, too! ;o)

4:38 PM  
Blogger aija said...

He is so cute in his helmet! I can't wait til mine is old enough to play sports like that :)

1:45 PM  

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