Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Hope you all are enjoying it. Hubby and I didn't do anything special today. He was up at 3am to go to work, and tomorrow he's up at the same time again, so he's in bed already. I think we may go out for supper Saturday night, maybe bowling afterwards. Exciting life we live, huh?

Not much done on my Olympic socks today. I did a few rounds, but today I had errands in town and grocery shopping. The boys are watching Spongebob and have to have a bath after it goes off. After Logan goes to sleep I have to dig out last year's files and gather everything up for the lawyer tomorrow. We have an appointment in regards to last summer's accident. I think everything is pretty well organized. I just want to take it to work tomorrow and photocopy it so I can keep the originals and give the copies to the lawyer. When I talked to him yesterday he felt he could probably settle it through correspondence where it isn't a "substantial amount". Had Travis physically been hurt, well that would be a whole different ball game. So back to the socks... Seven more rounds and I start the heel. I should be able to get that much done later, I hope!

I keep bidding on sock yarns on eBay, but I keep getting outbid as well!!! I think it's a sign. We have an order of Regia sock yarn coming in any day at the store. I have a feeling a lot of it will be coming home with me. But if it's a really good buy on eBay, or if it's something we don't carry...

Took some pictures of the Three Amigos this morning on my bed. The two in the front are brother and sister. The one in the back came along a couple of years later. Usually if they're all together he's sorta off by himself.

Hard to believe that Simba and Nala (the top two) will be 10 in April. Pumba will be 7 or 8 in the fall. Can't remember right off hand. My real kids just turned 6 and 3! These were my first babies, and I always worried about what I would do if either boy had been allergic. Thankfully that didn't happen.

Speaking of the real kids, I took these pictures of them helping me fold laundry the other day and forgot to post it. Logan likes to fold socks. I usually just pair 'em up and shove 'em in a drawer.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Katie said...

EEEEE kitties! how adorable!

When it's time to play "laundry game" at our house it usually takes about 3 hours. So I get stuck doing most of it... at least it counts for my allowance! lol

Happy Valentine's Day!

1:14 AM  
Blogger JessaLu said...

How cute!

Don't feel bad about losing the sock yarn - there's always more sock yarn! I refuse to get caught up in a bidding war for yarn on Ebay - I go for the 'buy it now' prices. I like those because there is almost no waiting before it gets shipped to me! :o))

2:18 PM  

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