Friday, February 17, 2006

New Sock Yarn Arrived!!!

We received most of our shipment of new sock yarns. Some of it was backordered. I will have to try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow and take some pics of it. We can mail it out if anyone is interested! I have too many colors picked out already, but some of it I want to make as Christmas gifts. It's all Regia, some of it is mini ringel, some is self-striping, solids, tweeds, 3 ply, 4 ply...

I ran into a snag with my Pomatomus sock. I am on the gusset of the first sock and was on row 17 of Chart B. I had 2 too many stitches. I backed out a few rounds and think I now have to knit row 16. I don't know if I picked up a stitch too many or what exactly happened. I brought it to work with me today to get Shelly to help me with it. This is only the second time I've worked from a chart, and I find Chart B confusing. I'm anxious to go home and try it again.

Hope to have some pictures posted tomorrow night. We've had beautiful spring-like weather all week. Tomorrow and Sunday are going to be really chilly, only highs of -10C.

Happy knitting!

Got home and tried the sock again. I think I did pick up an extra purl stitch along the way. Everything seems to be going fine now. Think I am on row 9 of Chart B, doing the second repeat on the foot. I just hope I have enough yarn left in the skein to finish the sock. If not I will have to pick up another skein. We only have three of them left at the store.


Blogger Donna said...

Hi Sheri,
We have an internet connection here at the rink so I checked out your blog. Yeah on the new sock yarn!! I will come in next week and check it out.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Awesome! I love Regia!
I hope your Pomatomus gets worked out--I'm looking forward to pics. Hint, hint...=)

I can't fathom highs of -10 degrees (anyone know how to make adegree symbol?) having lived in Cali my whole life. That's like Antarctica! lol

1:21 AM  

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