Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finishing Up an Old Project

I decided that I really want to finish up a sweater that I started for the store almost a year ago! It is knit with my own yarn that I got for a great buy on good ol' eBay, but it is yarn that we sell in the store. (I got it before we started selling yarn.) I have one of these sweaters myself knit in a different color that I made a long time ago. This one could be man or woman, but the color is more for a man, I think. The color is discontinued. It's a forest green/dark tan ragg. Here is the current color selection in this yarn. It washes nicely. It says lay flat to dry, but I've always thrown mine in the dryer and never had a problem. It's only 25% wool. Anyways, I have the front and back done, and I will have one sleeve finished tonight. I have 3" more to knit, then do a 6" saddle strip. My goal is to have it finished over the weekend and take it to the store on Monday.

I also started a pair of socks for Mother's Day on Sunday. I am following my pattern, trying to make sure there are no bugs in it. I finished the first sock Monday, cast on for the second one but ended up just doing two rounds. I then moved on to the sleeve of the sweater. I may work on the sock again tonight once the sleeve is finished. These socks will be for the Ma-in-Law. She's the same size as me, and this sock fits me. My Ma is only small and wears a size 6, so I think if I just go down from 2.75mm to 2.25mm needles they'll be fine. I am using Regia Cotton in 4076 Top Orion and have 4078 in Top Florida for Ma's pair. It's the first time I've used any kind of cotton yarn (34%) besides for dishcloths. It's knitting up quite nicely. I like it.

Hubby is still in Calgary - can you believe it! - waiting for his load. I was talking to him earlier, and he had gone to the place he had to go but was told it might not be ready til tomorrow. I tried calling him a couple of times but got no answer. I am hoping that's a sign that he's outside getting his load secured.* He's only been at the same truck stop for 9 days because the company has nothing for him to haul. Sucky thing is he's a broker so he doesn't get paid for any layovers. Got a big truck payment coming out May 2 and hardly any money to put towards it so far. The company he currently works for will not be happy if I have to call them. I think when (if) he gets home he is making some calls and look for something else. This is only his second trip out, and it's not good that they can't keep him moving. By the time he gets back he'll have been gone for almost a month, and they had said he'd be home for Easter. Ha! He wasn't the only one from his company sitting at that truck stop, but he was there the longest. No need of it. I don't know how they expect people to be able to live like this. They definitely paint a better picture when they try to get you to sign on with them!

Anyways, enough complaining for one night. Pictures next post of a finished sweater and socks! (I hope!)

Happy knitting!

*He was outside securing his load. He's finally on his way home - should be here Monday, Tuesday at the latest.


Blogger Dorothy said...

Glad your hubby is on his way home!

MateriaLiztics is closing? What a shame.

Our dollar store got yarn in yesterday; the fun funky yarns - at $1.29/ball!! Gonna really hurt the other small store in town that sells yarn. I went in, and came out, without buying any :) (there's no sock yarn)

8:33 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Glad to hear Travis is finally on his way home!
I look forward to seeing your sweater finished. The one I am doing for John has a saddle sleeve thingy as well and I finished the V neck ribbing last night so today will be sewing up time. I HATE that part!

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

LOVE your Yukon leaves socks!

10:50 AM  

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