Saturday, April 01, 2006

Nothing New

There's really nothing new to report knitwise. I am at the heel on my second Fortissima sock. I hope to have it finished by tomorrow night, then I can move on to the Sockapalooza socks.

Here's a better picture of my chimney that desparately needs to be rebricked. I'm going to start calling this week for estimates. I also took a picture of my daffodils - flower buds! The top picture was taken on the 26th, the next one on the 30th. All this nice warm, sunny weather really made them grow fast!

The boys were excited that Daddy got home Thursday night. He has to call his dispatcher Monday morning and should be back on the road. I took some pictures of the boys and the truck, but I haven't uploaded them yet. I will wait until I have some finished sock pictures as well! Here are some that I took over the last couple of days, though. I always have so many pictures of Logan because Darren is in school now, so it's just the two of us for half of the day. I have tons of pictures of Darren, too! Got the albums and a box full to prove it! (It also helps when you work in a photo lab and can print your own pictures!)

We've been walking around the Trestle Trail pretty much every day. I didn't get around it today, but the boys did with the babysitter. (I had to work.) This is what the "beginning" looks like, and that's Logan racing me across the bridge. (I say beginning because 95% of the time we go this way around it.)

There's a new loop on the Trestle Trail, and this bench is there. He always has to sit and have a snack or a drink!

Then we had to stop in town at the "boat park". He wasn't too keen on staying very long, he was tired, but then a little girl arrived, so he wanted to stay and play. Then a couple of more kids arrived, and it was hard to get him to leave to get Darren from the bus stop!

Then, of course, there was a hole lot of bikin' goin' on!

Lastly I will leave you with these two pictures that Darren took. I have more pictures to post, but that's quite enough for one day! (I know, I overdo it with the pictures, but I do like blogs with lots to look at!)

Happy knitting!


Blogger Karen said...

Your boys look like they were having fun that day. Isn't home ownership wonderful, never a dull moment! My daughter says "thank you" for your birthday wishes.

8:49 AM  

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