Saturday, July 22, 2006

Socks That Rock!

Socks That Rock, mediumweight Seal Rock (left) for rpms, lightweight Fred Flintstone for ???

I think Pumba's trying to do a pirate impersonation minus the eyepatch. Either that or he's got something in mind for the yarn and is giving his secretive wink.

I also got my latest eBay purchase yesterday, too. It's more teal in real life than the picture. I still plan on making another pair of Pomatomus socks out of it. Tried to upload a picture of it, but Blogger crapped out again, as usual. You can see it in this post.

Not a lot of knitting done lately. I have been working on the baby set. The jacket is done, but the arms need to be sewn on and the neck done. Then I'll do a matching hat, and if there's enough yarn left I'll do booties. I've been thinking of maybe doing a couple of more sets and opening an Etsy shop. I've been reading about it, and it is cheaper than listing them on eBay. I haven't made my mind up yet, but I'm definitely leaning towards it. If I could manage to sell a set or two once in awhile it would help support my sock yarn fetish.

Yesterday we got a visit from the remainder of Tropical Storm Beryl. I made sure I left our camper before it started, and I put our awning up, too. I had visions of that flying through the air in a dozen pieces. The storm passed through quite quickly but not before it broke two big branches off one of my trees out front. I didn't even notice til I saw a Region truck stopped outside. Then I saw my branches laying in the road. He ended up hauling it away, plus one branch was still partly attached to the tree, so he cut if off for me. It rained really hard at times as well. Now the forecast is rain tonight, possible thunder showers, showers tomorrow, and rain tomorrow night. At least it's cooler, but it's still really muggy.

Relatively quiet day for the boys - I rented them Cars and a Hummer game for the PS2 yesterday. I know it's going to be a fight when Cars has to go back next Friday. Now that I know it's not a blue cd I may buy one for them. (Our PS2 won't play any blue games except for Smuggler's Run. They have four or five games they can't play. Someday I'll get a new one and take the old one to the camper. I priced fixing it, and it's cheaper to buy a new one.)

Pop on over to see a pic of Nova Knitter's new granddaughter! She's a cutie!

Don't forget -- the contest over at Sock Pr0n is over on Sunday.

Happy knitting!


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Oh, the yarn p0rn! These are some truly amazing skeins, and I really adore the colors! Looking forward to seeing the socks you're going to make with them! And your kitty is such a cutie, I really love this pic!

6:08 PM  
Blogger aija said...

Love the winking kitty :)

6:16 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

pretty looking yarn!

It was Founders Days here on the weekend - a booth ended up in the harbour, 2 others blew over, and a tree fell on someones verandah. There might be fireworks tonight - if it stays clear.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I think I really need to get some of that yarn, the colors are fabulous. Kitty is cute too.

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Joni said...

That yarn will make gorgeous rpm's, I can totally picture it. The Fred Flintstone though, can't wait to see what you do with that! :)

5:00 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

I love those colours!! Rich! WOW!!

6:58 PM  

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