Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too Hot

It's way too hot here lately. Today it's 31C (88F), which I know compared to a lot of places in the US right now that's cool! But for me it's too hot. At least today was breezy, and I worked in air conditioning til 1pm. The rest of the week is looking pretty much the same.

Now for some pictures Blogger wouldn't upload last night. Got a new lily. I planted these last year, but they didn't bloom, so I had no idea what colors they were. Two of them are this:

The truck actually got cleaned the other week. Actually, hubby got a professional to come powerwash it and acid-wash the rims. Took them almost two hours. Well worth the cost. (Which is too low in my opinion, but hey - I don't argue a good buy!) Look, everyone! The truck really is black and not the usual grey it looks!

Then yesterday she got her stickers from the new company. I really like the looks of these compared to the other company's block lettering. The silver highlight adds a nice touch as well.

I got my Socks That Rock today! I'm so excited! It was a good bonus, too, that I didn't have to pay duty on it. Usually anything over $20 is charged duty. Don't know what happened there. The value was $38US. The last time I ordered yarn from the US it was valued at $30US, and I had to pay like $12CDN to get it out of the post office. I won't question it -- just a pleasant bonus for me! I should really finish one of the other projects I have on the go first. I may have to cast on rpms tonight, though. I can hear the yarn calling to me from the hall closet as I type.... I'm trying to decide what pattern may be nice for the Fred Flintstone, too. The rpms are going to be made with the mediumweight Seal Rock. I really should dig out all of my sock yarn and try to match it up with patterns. I do have some paired up, but not all of it. Kinda like this from April 1.

I will transfer the pics of my new yarn soon. For now I have just added links to the colors I bought. Besides, I've hit my limit of pictures for the day with Blogger. I tried saving it as a draft then going back and adding, but it's not working.

Happy knitting!


Blogger aija said...

Its funny, all of my pairing and I realize how little of it I actually used as intended :)

Yay for no duty! I didn't know you had to pay for packages from other countries like that! What a drag...

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Wow, 31 degrees, I wish we could have that now - we're up to 41 today, it's only 9.30 am and the air is already sizzling with heat!
I so love the pic of the lily, such amazing colors - and the truck is so cool, man, I'd love to take a ride with it, that'd be so cool! We don't have that kind of cool trucks over here, so seeing something like that is certainly something very unique for me!

4:44 AM  
Blogger April said...


i saw your comment on crazy aija's blog about not being able to get trekking in canader. i'd be more than happy to send you some if you'll e-mail me your snail mail to Sakkasie@hotmail.com .

april (a transplanted canadian livin' in california)

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower! I love flowers, but always kill them, LOL. I can't wait to see the sock yarn.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Love the socks!
I just bought new yarn in Halifax to make another shawl. Don't know why I am in the shawl knitting mode but the yarn is gorgeous.
I will take a pic when I get home from Lauren's later next week.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Love the colour of your lilies. About the duty thing: if whoever mails it lists it as a gift with a value of $20, no duty. At least that's been my experience so far. So far I haven't had to ask, either. ebay sellers have been good to me that way so far. (Knock on wood!)
Enough of the rain already! Are you planning on going to the Exibition in Bridgewater?

8:57 PM  

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