Thursday, October 26, 2006


I finished the front of the aran sweater last night. Now all that's left is the sleeves and finishing. I can't wait. I have a closet full of yarn for different projects I'd really like to get on with. Then there's those Christmas gifts to knit, too. Just think, two months from today it will all be over.

It was quite chilly today. The Oldest One asked for his mittens to be finished soon (guess I should actually start them) because he finds his hands get cold at recess. Tomorrow morning we are going skating, then he has glow bowling in the afternoon. I think I'll take mittens to work on while he bowls. I finished his hat and the Littlest One's hat. It's chunky yarn, so I should be able to finish their sets up this weekend.

I picked up most of my Halloween candy today. I also picked up a few odds and ends for the costumes I have to make. They both want to be bats this year. I have a broken umbrella that I am going to spraypaint black. I am basically using this pattern. (I even picked up two Christmas gifts today. Just two small things to go in with two pairs of felted mittens destined for two gift recipients.)

There must be something in the water or air lately. Have you noticed how many knitting bloggers are expecting? Off the top of my head there's one, two, three, four (#4 has just found out terrible news, so sad), and go here to see a list of a bunch more. Betcha hubby's praying that I don't get any ideas. (The new camper we upgraded to does sleep up to ten. The old one was up to six.)

I have no new pictures to share yet (thus the stalling), so here's a picture of Pumba that I took back in June that I really like. The yarn pictured in the photo below him is destined to become these, hopefully one of my next sock projects. (Cashmere sock yarn from HipKnits, won from the first Sock-A-Month Knitalong.)

Make sure you check out this post on how to weave in ends as you knit. Take a look at what she's making, and you'll see how this is a great idea!

Anyone in Canada need Lego for Christmas gifts? They have free shipping til November 30 on orders over $99 before tax.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Dorothy said...

Not just the blog world having a baby boom - the town of Shelburne is as well :)
At my sisters baby shower last night we were able to think of 5 babies born in the last few weeks! One born in a little park on the side of the road in Sable River :) (Mom was in the ambulance, but they had to stop, and the baby was born)
I like that hat pattern you shared - will have to make some of those!

9:26 AM  
Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Awww, what a beauty Pumba is, absolutely adorable!

10:34 AM  
Blogger Charity said...

Tee Hee, I told hubby when we moved from a 5 passenger to a 7 passenger truck that he was just asking for trouble! :0)

I've noticed A LOT of babies coming through at work - tiny ones. It makes me very broody. :0)

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Sheri - Thanks for the link to the "weaving in ends" tutorial. It was excellent!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Ragan said...

That you for the links. :) Did you see on the news where one town had 5 sets of twins born in 15 hours the other day?

8:38 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

No babies here...that would so interfer with my knitting time....nope no babies ~goes to make sure pill was taken for today~

I love that yarn and your kitty is a sweetie!!!

I started the aran socks after seeing them here.....I am going to do them for my mom....and after Christmas I get a pair!!!!

3:36 PM  

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