Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nipigon HuskyJ

Just a quick check-in, it's late. We are at the Nipigon, Ontario Husky truck stop. There are lots of trucks coming and going. Tomorrow we will be in Manitoba. I've take around 70 pictures so far, but most of them are through the bug-splattered windshield.

My Sockapalooza Pal got her package! Her name is Frieda, and she blogs at Restless Needles. It's funny cuz we went past the turn-off for her town yesterday. If I had realized it was there I would have taken a picture. I'm so glad she liked everything!

I really hate working with the laptop. Flickr seems to have changed its upload page, or maybe it's just this thing, but I am trying to post a couple of pictures. The weekend there won't be much to do, so I should have a better post. I guess it will have to wait. I uploaded three, and none of them were what I wanted.

Must get ready to hit the hay. I have been doing some knitting. I finished one Broadripple today and started the other one. The Oldest One claimed the front seat and doesn't like to share, so my back can't handle too much. I have to end up laying down, and I can't knit that way. I had hoped to have more knitting done, like pretty much the second sock done by now. Oh, well. This weekend will involve a lot of sitting, so I'll have more time to knit and try to do a better post with too many pictures!

Happy knitting!


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Awww, it seems you're having such a great time! Do post a lot of pics when you can, okay? And - enjoy yourself!

3:55 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Have a great time on your trip! Take lots of pics and get lots of knitting done.
I thought I would knit up a storm in hospital with my knee....wrong!But now that I am home I am catching up on the MS3. I have started clue 3 and hope to start clue 4 later today.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Ragan said...

Phew. I am finally back and catching up on blogging!!!! I hope that you are having a good trip!

11:17 AM  

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