Friday, February 01, 2008

Twenty-Four of Fifty-Two

Finally finished pair 24 of 52 for the 52PP. It's been a slow go on the knitting front since Jewel arrived. Socks for the Oldest One. Regia Mini Ringel of some breed, and Kroy Norfolk Blue for the top, heels, and toes. The rings should have really ended with another set of the brighter green, but I didn't think I'd have enough yarn to do so, thus the reason for so much blue at the toe. (And of course I think there was enough to end like I wanted to!) Started January 26, finished February 1.

I used 2.25mm needles and cast on 60sts. He can wear my mother's sneakers with them just being a smidge too big, and she wears a six. It seems that I always have to knit for big-footed males!

Gratuitous cute puppy shot.

This morning I had to drive to the town about 1/2 hour away to have that cat scan done, and I get there, waiting in line to register. Out walks a guy, "Anyone here for a CT?" I was the only one at the time, and lo and behold, it broke down. Got up early and drove down there for nothing. Now I'm scheduled to go back on Tuesday. (I did run over to the place where we usually buy our meats and loaded up on some really good deals. Family pack pork chops for $5!) And while I'm gone, hubby is sending the Oldest One off to school, and Jewel breaks her temporary tie-out rope and goes off a couple of houses down the roady. He got her rope and brought her back. When I got home hubby went to the hardware store and got nice chain and proper clasps, so she's not going anywhere now unless she takes the whole wrought iron railing with her!

Pooped out last night after her walk!

Pumba the Thief, 1.

Pumba the Theif, 2.

Pumba the Theif, 3, Retreat Mode.

She wasn't super happy today. I made her go in her kennel when we were all gone at one point. It was only for an hour-and-a-half or less. I am putting her in it for the night, too, when I go to bed. She had two accidents on the hall carpet. I can't totally blame her, she goes out the front door, and the first time it happened last night was supper time. She couldn't get to the door for about 15 minutes, the kids were watching tv in the living room, and she tries to eat whatever you've got. So I found a puddle in the hall. Then this morning around 4am she was sleeping in our room, and she let out a couple of whimpers. I knew I should have gotten up and let her out. I said her name, so up on the bed she comes, all licky and bitey and waggley. She laid down by me for a couple of minutes and left. I heard her leave the room, and a minute too late I got up to check on her. Just flicked the light on as she was finishing her pee on the carpet. So now I will limit her evening water intake, and she's going in the kennel. (Think we'll get a different one like Marti's Hank has. The one we got with her is almost like this and is quite used.) I haven't slept good at all since she came, partly from listening to what she's doing every night, partly because I have a cold. She also seems to be getting quite attached to me, and I'm afraid she may start doing damage when unattended. She was quite stressed out today when I left for work, and she was home alone with hubby. (I think she's going to be a Mama's girl! I foresee separation anxiety.)
Other than the two accidents and her treating me like a human chew toy, she's pretty good. The cats aren't paying her much attention, they still come and go as they please mostly, but they don't like her to get too close. She'd SO love to play with them! I think she misses the other dogs at the shelter, and there was a cat there that she used to play with a lot. She likes to bury things, too. If I give her a new rawhide, for instance, she prances around the house with it in her mouth, whining to go out, but they she buries it in the little bit of snow we have left! Heaven help my lawn this spring. It's bad enough now. I guess when she was at the shelter she used to bury toys in the snow one day and bring them in the next. I am excited for her to go to obedience school. She pulls really badly when walking. I've pretty much got her to "sit" with the hand signal and everything already. We started "shake paw", but she only does it sometimes. Marti is going to be taking Hank to the same classes, I think, so that will be good. It's also taught by the lady who has the kennel where I plan on taking her if we go anywhere that she can't go. (Recommended by Nova Knitter.)
Anyhoo, must get going. Hope to get back on track soon with the knitting!
Happy knitting!


Blogger Charity said...

Slow knitting for you is lightening fast for me! The new socks look great! :0)

1:24 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

The socks look great and nobody would have noticed the extra dark blue at the toes if you hadn't mentioned it.
As for the puppy, she probably just needs time to settle in properly. Poor little thing has been through a lot in the past few weeks. She is a real doll!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Ragan Knits etc... said...

Nice socks (I didn't notice the toe either until I read it). Sounds like you are busy with your puppy adventures! I hope that she doesn't decide that she likes to chew yarn...or bury it in the yard! :o)
She does look very sweet.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

Love the socks!

The pets shots are so cute!

10:00 PM  

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