Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ma!

Today is Ma's birthday. (I won't say her age or I'll be disowned if it got back to her.) The Littlest One and I took her here for lunch. She got a BLT and black coffee, which is what I knew she'd get when I planned this excursion. The Littlest One and I shared a fish and chips. It was really good.

Then we headed to one of the local supermarkets and got a cake.

And then our customary stop here so she can get coffee and scratch tickets.

Once the Oldest One got home we went to her house and had cake.

I made her a hippy rainbow towel. Here it is hanging on my 60s stove. (It came with the house when we bought it, and until it conks out I can't justify buying a new one. Well, unless I had the spare money. The hippy green fridge was replaced as it wasn't frost-free. That's in the garage and is used when we have parties out there.) Started September 9, finished the 10th.

It even has a hippy button, this cute little metal flower stamped button. I have another one, too. Think I'll make myself one of these but with less color changes. So many ends to weave in!

Got some Handicrafter to make one of these for me.

I also seamed the blocks I had made so far for Ma's afghan. I'm just doing a whip stitch kinda seam so it's flat.

Two questions I had been asked awhile back in my comments that I keep forgetting to comment on. My Noro socks match cuz I just happened to finish the first one where in the right spot to start the second one. Also, we are thinking about getting a second dog so Jewel has someone to play with and help expend her energy.

Tomorrow is the second day since school started that I get the day to myself. The Littlest One's group goes tomorrow, and I'm off all day. I plan on taking the dog for a walk after the bus goes and again after lunch. We both can use the exercise! I'm going to try and poop some of the hyperness out of her.

Hope to have lots of knitting done the next week. I'm off til next Wednesday. I also will have a baby something to knit for November. Got invited to a shower for Hub's cousin, she doesn't know what she's having. I'll have to look through my stuff and decide what to make. One of my own sets or something else. I have some ideas, I'll just have to narrow it down.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Marti said...

The afghan is coming along really nicely :) And your towel is really cute too.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Monika said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! :o)
The cake looks delicious, and your boys seem to like it. You've got a lot going on!
I wish I could go for walks with Sam, but he can't, that sucks.
Looking forward to your new pup!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

The afghan is looking very nice . You must have a lot of patience to knit a large project like that. I run out of steam with the sewing together .
Belated happy birthday to your mom , looks like she enjpyed her day with you all.
Enjoy your time off and happy knitting !

8:41 AM  

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