Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dontcha hate it when you go somewhere to do something in particular, and you can't get it done? I had to have another CT today with the dye stuff, so while I was in that town I went to the DMV cuz our plates run out on Friday. This time I have to pay ($193.60!). For the past eight years or so Nova Scotia volunteer ground search and fire people get a set of plates free for one vehicle. So Hubs retired last month, so we need a non-fire department plate. I had everything with me, renewal notice, permit, insurance card. Well, there's a form he has to sign cuz they're giving him a different plate. I don't think I ever get anything accomplished at the DMV in one trip, except maybe driver's license renewal. The DMV in town is only open two days a week for like four hours at a time, so I guess if he isn't home Friday to do it I'll be walking til Tuesday.

One last gripe with the DMV -- we don't plate the camper since it moves once a year or two. I can buy a plate for it by myself no problem. However, since we only move it once a year or less, we just get a day permit to move it. It's like $10 or so, BUT we BOTH have to be there in person to get it. I think that's a money grab to make you pay more for the full plate. It is the government after all.

Onto knitting business, I finished up the roses for Bea. The pictures aren't great. I used Patons Classic Wool leftovers from slippers and mittens. (old rose, burgundy, that's red, and bright red)

Other than that I have a baby kimono in this stuff finished. It's now blocking and will need the ties added. It's really cute, but I did the 6 month size which said it required one skein, and I needed another one. It looks bigger than 6 months, too. I will have to measure it. I followed the pattern exactly. Maybe I knit looser than I think. Dunno. I found the hats I made from this yarn ran big, too. I have enough left to make another one of those cute hats, too.

Anyhoo, time to be productive. I'll have my own Knit Nite at home tonight (as per any other evening!). Nova Knitter's place is being invaded by card players tonight. It's her Hub's turn to host.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Charity said...

Don't you hate all that runaround? So frustrating! :0)

5:10 PM  
Blogger Donna M said...

Knit Nite next week for sure. The poker players are gone.

Re the DMV: at least you didn't drive all the way to B'H20 to get your stuff done!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Bea said...

Yeah! So pretty flowers thank you!

I'm sorry about the DMV junk. I know that is so frustrating.

10:54 PM  

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