Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Canadians

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. I hope everyone had a nice holiday and didn't eat too much! I got turkey dinner twice. Last night was supper with BIL and SILs. Today was with my parents, but Hubs had to leave for work shortly after noontime, so he missed out second time around.

We finally had the signs redone at the store. There were oodles of stuff on them that we don't do any more. The mini labs are both gone now, to the landfill they went. (Both were broken, everyone is gone digital, so that's that. The film developer went on strike first, then the picture printing lab went down about two weeks later. Big bucks to fix, especially the second one. When I first started there almost 10 years ago we'd do like 40 films a day in the summer. Now we're lucky to do 10 a week, if that. The chemicals would go bad from sitting, so they were costing way more to run even when in working order. It will be strange to not develop film any more, but since the last year or so especially the machines have been more grief than anything it will be a nice relief. I threatened a good many times to wheel them across the parking lot and dump them into the river or beat them to death on the spot.)
The Boss Lady wished she would have had the Bernat and Patons signs made bigger on this one. They didn't come see the signs as they were being redone (on a Sunday, we aren't open) or she could have gotten them to make it bigger then. Too much hassle now. Still, they look good, they did a nice job. I'm glad the huge "1 HOUR PHOTO" is gone. I had two people want one-hour processing the day before the signs were changed.
Got a couple of FOs, too. I'm on a felted slipper kick, as you can see. First up are the pair for the Oldest One. Started September 30, finished October 13. I used Patons Classic Wool in evergreen mix and made the ladies small.

The next pair are men's medium, started October 9, finished the 13th. I used Patons Classic Wool in chestnut brown and wedgewood.

Guess I have to squeeze in a pair of socks soon. I don't want to cut it so close to the end of the month like I did the last time for SAM6.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Dorothy said...

no cows, no sheep ... no more critters!!!
We didn't realize the Good Times went that far. Cool. :)
At our 4-H council meeting last night 2 of the members said they read it rather than our local paper - there's more in it :)
Have a good day!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Those clogs are super , nice work ! I think your needles are smokin' too ...

11:44 AM  

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