Monday, September 29, 2008


Hurricane Kyle arrived here last night. It didn't rain all that much, really, but the wind sure was strong. One of my trees took a beating. Poor thing. They're finally looking like trees again, and now its lost four big limbs. I thought at first that the branches were from two trees, but up inspection this morning it seems like it was just the one. (The guy we bought the house from had cut cut pretty much every limb off of all of the trees in the yard. Over the past seven years we've lived here the trees have finally filled in quite nicely, I'm happy to say. Hubs always called them dildo trees. I sure don't want them to lose too many limbs!)

No damage to the house or garage that I can find, just this poor tree. We didn't lose power, but it was close a few times. The lights dimmed several times, so I had candles going just in case.

This is just a short clip I took last night. Can't see much, but if you turn your speakers on you'll hear the wind. (And that is steady, constant wind.) It got worse after I took this.

Didn't get much knitting done on the weekend. Hubs arrived home Friday but had the flu, so we didn't get to the camper til Saturday. It was the last weekend, so there was a pot luck supper and party. (I gave Hubs $5 to play card bingo, and he came home with $42.57!) Then Sunday it was packing up and out of there by lunchtime before the storm hit. Pretty much everyone cleared out early that were taking their campers. I wouldn't want to be driving down the road in a windstorm toting one of those things. Ours was taken to the RV place were it was dropped off to be inspected, winterized, and have a few little things done to it.

Cable socks are almost done. They have to be finished tomorrow or I'll miss my September entry for the SAM6 KAL, and that can't happen. Haven't missed a month since the first SAM KAL.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna M said...

We lost a few branches too. Not as big as yours and the trees they fell off of are ooooold, so we expect them every time there is a blow. Glad you got the camper back safely!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Charity said...

I always think it's so sad to lose a tree. Glad no more damage was done! :0)

1:14 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Oh, poor tree. At least it didn't fall on something. But still, poor tree. :-(

4:35 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

So glad that you weathered the storm relatively ok and that there wasn't more damage.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Bea said...

Glad no one got hurt and that there wasn't damage to anything but the tree. Still sucks about the tree though.

9:31 PM  

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