Monday, January 05, 2009

First FO of 2009

My first FO of 2009, my slippers. Started December 31, finished January 4. I was waiting to felt them with Hubs's slippers that I'm making, but he left for work, and I didn't have his finished. Don't want to felt them til he's home to try them on during the process cuz he has big feet. Don't wanna make them too small.

I used two skeins of Patons Classic Wool in bottle green and added SR Kertzer Fizz in forest green to the cuff.

My store bought slippers are now ready for the garbage. I've been keeping them til I got these ones finished. They are in hard shape, and Maggie didn't help out yesterday.
There's a story as to why Maggie got at the store bought slippers yesterday. Hubs went to work, and the boys and I went up to my parents. Pa was having trouble burning dvds on his computer. I wasn't going to be very long, so I left both dogs loose. (Normally if I go for more than an hour I put Maggie in her kennel. Jewel is always loose now.) I had parked in front of his truck, and they were leaving to do a couple of errands while I tried stuff on his computer. He moved my truck over so he could get out and left the keys in the cup holder.

I couldn't get the program he wanted to use to work at all. Another guy who had put the program on his computer in the first place couldn't get it to work either. I decided to go home before they got back. The Oldest One and I were getting our boots on, and the Littlest One went down to the truck first. I opened the front door to hear the "whoosh" of the door locks in the truck locking, and the Littlest One shutting the door with a big smile on his face. (I never leave the keys in my truck cuz he has a habit of getting inside and locking the doors, so I always have my keys so I can get in.) I'm like, "You didn't do what I think you just did!"

So, the keys were now sitting in the cup holder in plain view with all four doors locked. The only other set of keys is on Hubs's keychain on its way to New Brunswick. My house keys are on there. The dogs are loose in the house.

Long story short, Ma and Pa come home, I get her house key to run home and check the dogs. Maggie had one of my slippers which had the sole coming off and chewed a bunch of stuff out of it. Luckily we have Roadside Assistance through Chrysler Canada, and lockouts were included. It was the first time I ever used RA in the five years or so that we've had it. The guy came up from the town half-an-hour away within 45 minutes, and it took him about 20 seconds to open the door.

Pumba has found a nice warm spot to lay. There's a furnace grate under the cupboards in this spot. He lays there all the time now. Well, if the dogs leave him alone.
Happy knitting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have floor vents cut out of our floors so the heat from the pellet stove in the basement can come up. If I don't find my cat downstairs on the couch near the stove, I can sure as heck find her laying over the whole in floor! ( we often take the vent out and just have a hole in the hallway if there is no company coming over!) Cats are quite smart!

4:29 PM  
Blogger Donna M said...

Glad you got your car keys back without too much trouble! That is such a pain.

And your new slippers look really warm and comfy. You might want to tell Maggie NO! if she goes near them.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the color of your slippers. That green is so nice.

In the 3 years I've had my Kia, I have locked myself out 3 times. The last time the Roadside Assisant guy came out to help, he showed my how to break into my own car, that way I don't have to wait an hour or more for help.

Have a great evening.

4:04 PM  

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