Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Vacation is over, so knitting will resume again. BFF left to go home today, so it's a sad day. I only worked two days while she was here. One day it rained, so they did inside touristy things, and I had to work this Saturday gone by. I work today, too, but they left at noontime for the airport. They stopped by to see me on the way. My Littlest One was so pitiful last night. Once we got home he cried for an hour that he wanted her to stay, and I mean cry. He went from wanting her to stay for two more days to ten more days, then it was a month, for the summer, and then a year. By the time he was done he wanted her to move home today, lol.

There were many walks over the trail in town. This was the first night they were here, her Oldest One and my Oldest One. They were picking berries off of a tree, no idea what they're called, when we were kids we called them Indian Pears, but they don't look like any Indian Pears that show up on Google. Whatever they are they're good.
There was swimming in her parents' pool.
We went to her parents' trailer on the lake. This is her Oldest One, lover of animals, bugs, etc, with a frog she caught.

Her Oldest One and my Youngest One in the pedal boat.

The Littlest One getting ready to swim.

There's a little dock with a slide on it. Here's her Oldest One in a mid-air jump.

We also went to the beach where the kids took turns getting buried in the sand. Even my BFF got buried in the sand. Ever since we were kids she'd go to the beach and lay in the sand, no towel or blanket, she loves it.

Yesterday it was foggy and cold on the coast, so we went geocaching with one of her brothers and his kids.

And last night it was our final trail walk. From left to right is my Oldest One, her nephew, her Oldest One, BFF, her niece, and my Littlest One.

We went to Halifax last Friday, and I worked on some socks in the car. That was an adventure in itself -- Maggie was going to be dropped off at the vet to be spayed, I think she sabotaged the car the night before. We just got up on the highway, and Hubs says, "I smell prestone." He pulls over, and there's prestone all over the engine - one of the hoses sprung a leak. We called the garage and managed to get the car back there just as it was nearing the red line on the temperature gauge. Of course, it's a specialty hose, so it had to be ordered. So Maggie got to go home, we borrowed BIL's car, one of those squat, sporty things with a low body kit and European tires that are solid rubber, no air. That was just like driving an iron-tired wagon. My back killed me the next day, I was so crippled up from that car. (Little Miss Maggie is going tomorrow morning to the vet -- my car is temporarily repaired til the part comes, gotta love black electrical tape, lol. Hopefully she holds together or else I'll be calling Daddy to come get me.)

The only FOs I have are the dishcloths that I knit for the teachers for their year end gifts. Ravelry details here. (BTW - The Oldest One graded into grade 5 with all As and a B in phys ed. The Littlest One graded into grade 2 with all As and Bs.)

I guess I'm a winner, too. I won a prize in the final draws for the SAM9 KAL. I've been in all of them, and I haven't won anything since the very first SAM KAL. (And I still have the yarn!)

Happy knitting!

PS BFF got her socks and her bag and loves them all. Apparently she only had one pair of socks left that I knit for her, the rest she wore out. I also gave her Oldest One a pair of ankle socks and her friend that came home with her a pair, too.


Blogger Donna M said...

Sorry to hear about your vehicle. But it sure sounds like you all had a great 2 weeks!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

It's been forever since I stopped by! Like the new format...

Might have to take a jaunt to the other side of the province for some of those sandy beaches...

3:16 PM  

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