Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday the gutter man finally came and installed new gutters on the house. The house had gutters when we first bought it, but when we had it painted a couple of years later they were removed. They were cracked and broken, never got put back on, and last October we started having a water problem in the basement when it rained hard. So I wanted new gutters anyways, the water problem just made it happen a bit sooner rather than later.
I've got to get the trim and basement doors painted this spring, so he left me a sample of the aluminum (it's a little darker ivory than the trim is now) so I can color match. I hate to say that I'm waiting for rain -- we've got absolutely beautiful weather right now, yesterday, today, and tomorrow temps like summer, I'm not exaggerating, record-breaking temps (something like +25C today!) -- to see how the new gutters work PLUS we installed a much better sump pump in the basement a few weekends ago. (It did rain a couple of times after the sump pump was installed, and no water leaked in. We actually got a small jackhammer, beat a hole in the lowest spot where the water pooled the most, and have it rigged up so if the water rises it automatically pumps it out.)
Still knitting on ankle socks for a friend out of my odds and ends of leftovers.
Happy knitting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange how something like new gutters makes us so happy! I guess that means we have finally grown up! We also have beautiful weather here. It has been record breaking temperatures and sunny days. I am trying to enjoy it in case it does not last!

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