Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Year`s Eve last night. 

Got a couple of final FOs of 2012 to show, but first I am going to post this watchcap that I made back in January that I don`t seem to have posted.  I think I was waiting til I had them all finished for the year, but then I went and posted the others as I did them.  So this one was the first.  It was started January 28 and finished the 30th, knit with Kertzer Northern Worsted in camouflage US ombre. The Littlest One wore it to school once after I made it, and I never saw it again.

This next one is my final FO for 2012, it is knit with Patons Canadiana (leftover skein from this scarf), started December 22, finished the 31st.  Details on both hats here.

I whipped up another quick pair of Thujas for a friend who always complains that his feet are cold when we go to hockey games at arenas other than ours (which is heated).  (So that means all of the other ones at this point in time.)  The yarn is Briggs & Little Tuffy in greystone with oatmeal heels, toes, and cuff.  Knit on 4.5mm needles, they were cast on December 25 and finished the 27th.  Details here.

And I also think I forgot to show these, a pair of socks I made for the Littlest One on 2.5mm needles with Austerman Step yarn, cast on November 11, finished the 29th.  I did a 3x2 rib for these ones, they`ll all be different so I can tell them who`s is who`s, lol.  I have enough yarn to make a pair for the Oldest One and Hubs as well, so I was waiting to see if I could show all three at once.  But I got sidetracked, and the other two pairs will be 2013 socks.  I`m not worrying about matching the stripes, either, or I will run out of yarn.  Details here.

So that was it for 2012.  I`ll do a summary of 2012 FOs in a separate post.  It`s way down again this year, dangit.  Must do better for 2013!

Happy Knitting!
Happy New Year!


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