Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I's Having It So Hard!

It's me, Maggie, again!  I's having such a hard time!  This week I's supposed to get my cast off.  That DID actually happen, but now I's got this silly thing on for two weeks.  It's something they called a splint, it's this plastic thingy that goes down my arm all the way to my toes, but it's open on one side.  They wrapped it with elasticy stuff.  At least my paw goes straight now, not bent back, little easier to get around.  But this was the least of my problems.

You see, Sunday night Mama took that dreaded cone off for a bit while I's eating, and when I's done I's lick in a weird spot.  Well, she thought it was a weird spot.  She looked but didn't see anything, but I's wouldn't stop.  Of course that cone came back on, and Mama went to investigating.  What she found was in her words "gross!".  I's had a big ol' sore under my cast on the back of my arm.  And I's mean BIG, and it was all yucky and gross cuz it was 'fected or something like that, she said.

So she called the vet in the morning, but they had no openings til the next morning.  I don't think they believed how yucky it was.  So when the doctor saw it he said it was a mess, and he made me stay all day!  I's so upset I's peed all over the floor.  So Mama left me there, and later on I's had a really good sleep but woke up with this thing on my arm, and some of my fur was missing, and I's had a worse hurt in my arm than when that sore was there!  Mama wasn't allowed to get me til after 7 cuz I's so tired.  She came, they told her my sore was all the way to my muscle, I's got three layers of stitches - in my muscle, in my tissue, and in my skin!  Super yucky and gross was right!  So I's got another pill to take, and all the sore spots are covered.  Mama was so upset over not seeing my hurt, she feels so bad, specially when she had to get her chequebook out again last night!  I's expensive girl, she says.

So last night I's had terrible night, Mama never got much sleep.  I's cry and whine all night, but Mama knows I's in pain, stitches hurt!  I's finally got settled around 4am after a drink and a pee, then I's sleep pretty good til time to get my brothers up for school at 7.  Only good thing Mama said was doctor said my wrist felt great!

Mama be back next time!


Blogger Monika said...

Oh my god, poor, poor Maggie!

10:14 AM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Poor puppy1 Feel better soon!

12:13 PM  
Blogger elns said...

Ugh, my heart is breaking for you and Moms. I hope you get healthy fast and both get some much deserved rest.

4:10 PM  

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