Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cuba 2015 Part Three

So one morning before it got too hot A and I decided to go for a little walk.  Hubs had read that Cuba had no poisonous snakes or bugs.  On our walk we came across this freshly killed snake.  He might not have been poisonous, but he wasn't small, either!

There were a bunch of goats along the side of the road.  I do love goats!


About a 10 minute walk up the road from our resort is a new market they built within the last year.  It was the third year in a row coming to this resort for two of our group members, and they said they were building this place last year when they were there.

The bag on the top right came home with me.

See the light purple dress/cover up hanging on the left?  That came home with me as well.

On the way back the buzzards had started clean up on our snake friend.

The face only a mother could love, lol.  I know they are like crows back here, excellent for cleaning stuff up, but they aren't very cute in the face, that's for sure.

Baby goat!

April 8th was M's birthday.  This waiter was my favorite waiter, he was a sweetie.  

Something had gotten lost in translation the day before when we made the reservation, and M ended up with a pink cake.  I think they thought it was for one of the ladies in our group.

It matched the pink bag I gave him his gift in, lol.

Oh, look, socks! lol

Happy knitting!


Blogger elns said...

Cuba looks great! I hope to go one day! The pictures of your walk look fun, so many interesting things and critters except for the snake. I'm anti-snake poison or not.

Good job on the sun dress and bag :) Fun and functional souvenirs!

I like the pink cake matched the pink gift bag! Looks like a fun time

7:19 PM  

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