Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cuba 2016 Part Four

On the way back from Havana we went over Cuba's tallest bridge.  The pictures don't do it justice, believe me, it was VERY high up.  (110 metres according to Wikipedia.)  I'm not a fan of heights and was glad we were driving over it and not walking.

We stopped in Varadero for a bit of shopping in the markets.  When we were done and waiting for our friends I just stood on the corner and snapped some old car pictures for my Dad.  I took a lot, but here are a few of the cool ones.

Back at the resort there are always birds looking for a free meal, lol.  They'll land right on the table beside you or a chair, looking for a handout.

Of course, the day we left seemed to be the very nicest day of the whole trip.  Sigh.

Time to go. :(


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming - next post!

Happy knitting!


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