Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy 3rd Birthday, Logan!

Today my baby turned three. We went to another kid's bowling birthday party. He had turned four yesterday. I bought this plain birthday cake today for Logan (last weekend they had the fancy Spongebob cake together at their party). I tried to make Logan a cake this morning, but we won't go there. (It wasn't pretty, and it ended up in the green bin. He didn't like, anyways. It wasn't that it wasn't edible, but the top layer sorta broke apart into three pieces and then oozed apart and just made a total disaster of it all.)

Last Sunday I ended up at outpatients with Logan for his cut over his eye. Yesterday I ended up at outpatients with Darren for a severely sore throat. I tried our doctor's office, but I got the machine saying it was closed til Monday. The doctor on call ended up prescribing medication for him. He had a bit of a wheez as well. We went to the drug store, but they didn't have enough of what he prescribed to last the weekend, so they had to call him. He prescribed something else. They had also taken a swab to see if he had strep. I called the hospital this morning, and they confirmed that he does indeed have strep. He hasn't been eating much and wouldn't eat any cake yet. He had to stick with ice cream. He's feeling better, but nights are rough, and he pretty much flops, flounces, cries, and whines most of the night. I've had strep a few times before, so I know what he's going through.

Here's the before and after of my latest buttonhole bag. I sorta ran out of yarn and had to do the top edge in some leftover light blue. I like it, though. It is dark navy like the before picture. My flash just washed it out. This was made with two skeins of Briggs & Little Atlantic wool and took a few times though the wash to felt.

My other completed project is the felted bucket had and matching mittens. I finished the mittens last night and felted them all this morning. They are blocking now. They turned out quite well. The only thing I may do next time with the mittens is cast on a few less stitches for the cuff. I find the cuff too loose. I'll just have to remember to add the stitches back in on the last row of the cuff. The rest of the mitten fits fine, so if I don't add them back in they will be too small. These were made with two skeins of Patons Classic Wool and felted perfectly once through the wash.

So now my weekend project is to finish the back at least of the adult casual cables sweater started eons ago. It's sooooo boring because it's just stocking stitch. I have it about 3/4 done. I also started a blue baby sweater for the store out of leftover Bernat Softee Baby, and I am going to do a pink one as well only a size or two larger.

Lastly, I joined another knitalong. This one is Sock-A-Month. Between now and July you make one pair of socks (at least) per month, and for each month completed your name gets entered into a draw for prizes. You can knit more than one pair per month, but you only get one entry into the draw. You can use socks already started, so I have two pairs to finish already. I also have some nice Lorna's Laces to make a pair for myself as well as the yarn to make myself a pair of hiking socks and two or three pairs of socks for the boys. I should be able to do a pair a month no problem. Have the material, just need the time!

Happy knitting!


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i love your fo's! felting is awesome. and happy birthday to logan!

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