Friday, August 04, 2006


I have no knitting progress to show, so I will distract you all with this beach picture. I did start my second rpm, but I want to wait to show pics of them when they are both completed. I must say I really do like the pattern, and it's my first use of Socks That Rock. I really like the yarn a lot, and the medium weight makes a nice pair of cushy socks! They will be great when the weather cools off.

Speaking of, the other day was our only really, really bad day this week. Today it's pouring rain and probably only in the low 20s Celsius. It's a nice break, especially from all the humidity.

I think I have an adult aran sweater to knit. There's a lady who's called me a few times asking about having one knit for someone for Christmas. At least I have lots of time. I'm slow at adult-sized clothing. I have a pattern picked out that I hope she likes. I've knit it child-sized for my oldest. I work tomorrow, and she's supposed to be coming in to see me and confirm what she wants. I hope so. I'll have to start it really soon! Also, we have to order the yarn she wants used as we don't have enough.

So far for the Stones concert confirmed opening acts are Sloan, Kanye West, and Alice Cooper. I heard that there were a couple of "local" bands playing as well, but I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere yet. I haven't seen Alice in 17 years! I went to see him at the Metro Centre when I was 17. Great White opened for him, and it was a really good show. If you click on the "Seating Plan" in this link you'll see where my three seats are - Gold Circle East Section C.

Pop on over to congrat Dipsy on her anniversary! Also, Vibegrrl got a promotion! Unfortunately it means she had to retire from her other job. This is a neat idea, too. Dave already got PIFed!

Happy knitting!


Anonymous Dipsy D. said...

Wo-how, those support acts of the Stones are amazing! As for the Stones themselves, I guess they'll be worth every cent you pay to see them - I heard/read a couple of concert reviews from over here and Germany and they're obviously putting on one hell of a show, playing all the old hits (all!) and all that for about 2,5 hours - now that's sure going to be a killer concert! Have a lot of fun!
I'm looking forward to seeing your socks, I just know that they're going to look amazing!
A big thanks to you for your kind anniversary wishes - off to celebrate now :)

6:51 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Looks like great seats for the concert - enjoy it!!
I have been doing my own version of PIF for years now. I'm going to get that button to put on my blog. It's so nice to give someone something when they aren't expecting it, and have no idea who it is from. The best was a penguin necklace I found and gave to a teacher friend - 3 years and she still wonders where it came from :)

9:46 AM  
Blogger aija said...

Wow, what a lineup for the Stones!! Good luck w/ your adult aran; I'm like you, adult stuff just takes me forever! :)

12:47 PM  
Blogger Ragan said...

Wow, great seats!
POO...I was hoping to see those RPMs...I am so impatient (but at least I admit it). LOL

9:08 AM  

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