Friday, August 17, 2007

Road Trip Part Three

West Edmonton Mall -- It was hard to pick out some pictures to post since I took like 62 here, but I did get it down to fifteen! The first is just the "Welcome to Edmonton" sign.

Arriving at the mall.

This place is totally overwhelming! You really need a weekend or so to really enjoy it, not just five or six hours. We walked almost all of it. I'd like to next time stay the weekend and do like the water park one day, the amusement park the next, the other activities another... Maybe some shopping! My back and legs were killing me by the end of the day. We started off with a walk through the Galaxyland Amusement Park.

Motion sickness and heights are NOT a good combination at all for me, so I did not go on the roller coaster. (But it was really cool to watch.) One of these coasters had three loops, and it was quite neat cuz you can stand in the middle of one of the loops. The other one was a new coaster called the Orbiter, and it held like four people in a squarish seat the spun around as it went along the track. We really didn't do anything but walk through this cuz this whole place is really quite expensive, we didn't have a lot of spare dough, and I wanted to save my money to do things once we got to my friend's place. (Cuz she had neat things planned!) And the line-ups to get on stuff were really long. (We did do the Putt n Glo Mini-Golf, first time ever for 10-pin bowling, and the sea caverns. That stuff alone was almost $80. I thought the sea caverns were overpriced, though. Not worth $27.80 for the four of us to get in, it's really a small area. Kinda neat, but too expensive for what it was. Five minutes and it was done.)

Another ride not for me -- it goes waaaayyy too high and drops fast!

There are fountains in the mall everywhere. I thought this one was kinda neat with the different color lights.

Some more of the neat fountains in the mall.

The big pirate ship in the mall. This is where they do the sea lion show and have the sea caverns. Also there are bumper boats.

Christmas in Wonderland -- I thought of you, Tim, when I was here cuz you just love Christmas so much! LOL!

This was really neat. Christmas in Wonderland had rows of "houses". The Oldest One thought people lived here.

The water park in the mall. It has waves just like at the ocean.

You know when you're nearing the area where the ice rink is -- it's right in the middle of the mall, and you can feel the air getting chillier as you near it.

So that's an abbreviated version of the West Edmonton Mall. I have finally gotten my Calgary Zoo pictures edited, and I also have a hundredish pictures to do from Drumheller (so totally amazingly cool!) and about the same from Banff today. (It snowed there -- well, it was snow and rain mixed, totally weird freakish storm, major thunder and lightning, raindrops that sounded like hammers on the car, can't wait to post about it!) How I'll ever narrow down a dozen or so pics from those places I'll never know. All three will need their own posts, too.
Not much knitting going on, way too busy! I still didn't get a picture of the scarf yet. I have been plunking away a little bit on a pair of Breeze socks. Tomorrow hubby and best friend's man are going fishing really early, so I should get my photos edited and some knitting done. I do have to vacuum the truck and start packing it back up. We will most likely leave Monday, Tuesday at the latest. :( That'll be a sad day...
Happy knitting!
PS The socks and Noro bag were a big hit with BF! And the girls loved their bags.


Blogger Donna said...

Great pics! Having never been there I really enjoyed seeing them. Waiting for the next bunch!
Have a great time with your friend!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Larry said...

That mall is just overwhelming! I'd have been claustrophobic in no time. Still, fun to see all those pictures. Glad you're enjoying the trip. And squeezing in some knitting when you can.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Miss Tonia said...

Awesome pics! I may have to put that mall on my "to do before I die" list. That tower ride that drops? We have one at Paramount's King's Island in southern Ohio, Katie and I rode it several years ago and love it! Glad you're having a great time, and look forward to more pics.

3:16 PM  
Blogger Alisha said...

Holy cow...I heard about that mall before but never realized what was there. They have some damn cold winters so I guess a mall like that is a good thing LOL

What fun!!!

3:20 PM  

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