Tuesday, October 21, 2008


men's medium
Patons Classic Wool in black and dark grey mix
Started October 13
Finished October 20
I'll be making these in my sleep, I think.

Got one of the toe-up, short-row-heel vanilla socks finished. It's a men's 10/11. You can see it's too long for my foot! I tried my regular cast-off, but it was way too tight. I ripped it out, did it again even looser, still too tight. To the internet I went in search of an easy stretchy cast off. I found one that was quite simple, and it worked like a charm.

K2. Slip these 2 stitches from right needle back to left needle. K2tog. *K1, slip these 2 stitches on the right needle back to the left. K2tog. Continue from * the entire way around.
My SRH are getting better. Still, I think I prefer top down, heel flap.

Got a few too many projects on the go. Hope to have a couple of them finished in the next day or so. I work the weekend, so I'll have a fair bit of knitting time then as well. I'll leave off with some random shots. First up is the Littlest One. He came home from school the other day, put on the Oldest One's mp3 player, and was out like a light.

Jewel escaped from me the other day and ran off in search of the neighbor's dog, Allie. There is a brook in the back of their house (it also runs up behind my parents' place, very small, great source of entertainment when I was a kid). As you can see, she decided it was a nice place to play, too. Little brat. She is definitely NOT a lady.

Needless to say she ended up in the tub. She doesn't not like to have a bath, but too bad for her! She is nice a soft now. Had to take a bucket and rinse the tub out, it had a layer of mud in the bottom. She likes to bury things. I wouldn't let her take her big Milkbone outside the other day, so she found some place else to put it.

Lastly, I took some orange cranberry loaf to work the other day and didn't take the can home. This is what I found when I went to work on Tuesday.

Happy knitting!


Anonymous tom.heather@ns.sympatico.ca said...

LOL! The staff at Memory lane crack me up!

The socks look good, glad to hear ou found a good loose bind off for those toe ups -- I have not completed a toe up before (maybe I should cast one on? It could join my singles club of socks ... one more UFO shouldn't make a difference, eh?) Actually, I am thinking I will finish a few of them soon ... I get motivated seeing them again (and seeing people like you who finish what you start!)

10:07 PM  
Blogger Bea said...

I love the striping socks. They look wonderful and I think the heel turned out really cool

My guys would have destroyed the milkbone. 5 minutes and there would not have been enough to bury. I do love a good smelling dog.

7:42 AM  

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