Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PEI Trip Part 1 of 4

This weekend gone by we went to PEI. I hadn't been there since I was three, so it has been a long time. Hubs goes there for work all the time. I knit socks on the way there and on the way back. The first Kroy tangerine jacquard sock was started in Nova Scotia, knit on through New Brunswick, and finished in PEI. The second sock was started in PEI, knit on through New Brunswick, and finished in Nova Scotia. I have pictures of the travelling sock on Ravelry. Click here for details.
So we stopped in Stewiake at the KFC/Taco Bell for lunch on the way there. We took a look around Mastadon Ridge.

I always said they were a bunch of cave animals, lol! (And Oldest One seems to be a female cave animal in this shot.)

Here's the description from the Mastadon Ridge website of their replica:
"The Mastodon Replica represents the male juvenile Mastodon whose bones were unearthed in 1991 at the National Gypsum Quarry near Milford, Nova Scotia. The model was based on information supplied by archeologists at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, who recovered the skeleton and studied the bones. Mastodons are believed to be closely related ancestors to modern elephants, differing in the structure of their teeth and the fact that they were covered in a thick coat of hair for protection in the Northern Climate.

He was found at the National Gypsum Quarry site (about 15km from Mastodon Ridge) in a Gypsum sinkhole
He lived about 79 000 years ago
He was about 22 years of age and died in the Spring
To excavate the bones, scientists removed about 15 tones of earth from the site
A juvenile Mastodon was also found at the same site
Mastodons gathered at the gypsum sinkhole site for minerals in the soil
The sinkhole preserved an incredible variety of other plants and animals of the time"

This place also happens to be the halfway mark between the equator and the North Pole!

This is Confederation Bridge from the PEI side.

That was about it for the first day. We puttered around the information centre and shops that are right there when you come off the bridge for awhile. We stayed at this hotel in Summerside. It was a good price for a room with two double beds and a kitchenette, especially during the high season.

Anyhoo, we were there for four days, so I am going to break posts down into four different posts, one for each day. If not I'll just way too many pictures in one post. Days two and three will be the most picture heavy.

Happy knitting!


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We've never stopped at Mastodon Ridge. Looks like a fun place!

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