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It's been a slow go for knitting this past week. The mojo wasn't happening, but it's slowly returning. I've got an infection which was causing mucho, mucho pain. Couldn't stand it any longer and went to outpatients on Saturday, but all the doctor on call could do was give me pissy cat litter pills (that's exactly what they smell like, they make me gag) and tell me to put heat on it. It was hard as a rock, she couldn't lance it, so on Tuesday morning my doctor finally had the time to lance it. (Boy, wasn't I close to smacking him upside the head. It didn't feel good at the time, but it was worth it in the end.) That relieved a lot of pressure, it's still really sore, but not nearly as painful as it was. So I haven't been to work yet this week, I am going in tomorrow til about 2:30. But next week will make up for it, the bosses are off to the city for three days, so I work Monday to Thursday all day, off Friday, work Saturday. I'm not used to that!

I did finish up a pair of mittens that were originally meant for someone else. I decided that they'd be a bit narrow for a man, so I kept them for myself. If I made a lady's pair again, though, I'd do eight cable repeats instead of nine. (I was still being delusional that they'd fit him.) They're a smidge long, but I can live with it. The pattern is Cruiser, the yarn is Kertzer Accent Worsted in smokey grey, size medium. It's got an afterthought thumb, I prefer gussets, I find they fit better, but still, they're a nice mitten. Got another pair on the go, same color, but the large size for a man. Ravelry details here.
So last Saturday before my little excursion to outpatients we went to the fire department's kids Christmas party. It's held every year for current and honorary members kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, etc. BIL and his little guy came with us. They had coloring sheets, ornaments to decorate, and cookies to decorate with frosting and sprinkles. K sure isn't like his cousins, he made his cookie, took one bite, and Daddy had to wipe the sprinkles off of his tongue, lol. The Littlest One likes a bit of cookie with his frosting and sprinkles, the Oldest One isn't so heavy handed any more, but he still had to use all four kinds of sprinkles on one cookie.

So there was lots of running around, hot dogs, French fries, chocolate and white milk, juicepacks, and of course, ice cream. Then there was a candy toss, and door prize tickets. They had one main prize for a boy and one main prize for a girl. They also had a bunch of blue t-shirts, so the Littlest and Oldest One each won one. However, they only had one size, so no way it would ever fit the Oldest One, so he gave it to K. It's a bit big, but he'll grow into it.

Towards the end Santa arrived to pass out treat bags. No one sat on his lap. (The size of my two he was probably relieved!)
In the evening it was the grown-ups Christmas party which was a wonderful pig roast. The people who do it are always really booked up, they're hard to get, but they are absolutely excellent. I didn't care about the pork, but they always have baked potatoes with all the toppings to chose - sour cream, real bacon bits, chives, etc - rolls, salads, salads, more salads, home-made baked beans, ribs (which I did have), and the roasted pork, of course. We didn't stay too long, eat and run kinda thing. Then some friends came back to our house for a bit. I was hurtin' pretty bad, so they all left around 11 to go back down to the hall for some karaoke, Hubs included, and I went to bed.

So that was the excitement of my week. Tuesday night was the Littlest One's Christmas concert, last night was the Oldest One's. Tomorrow night is a pot luck supper at church, and that should be it for us for social events until New Years Eve. No staff party for the store this year. We plan on going to the city on Saturday to do some shopping, but I've been quite happy ordering stuff on-line. It's so much easier!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the mittens - I hope you're feeling better soon!

7:15 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

That all sounds pretty painful , hope you're feeling better !

Love the mittens ! That pattern is definitely on my list for the new year . I plan on doing a lot of mittens , makes a change from mostly socks .

12:43 AM  

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