Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. The boys each got a new Volcom full zip hoodie, bubble guns, bubble mix, Lego sets, McD's gift cards, new swirly straw mugs, and of course, candy. (The Littlest One hasn't taken his new hoodie off all day! He's been asking for one for about two months now.)

There was an egg hunt with lots more candy.

And special edition ice cream.

My parents also gave me some money to get the boys some new t-shirts. They also got a swimming pool. We lucked out and had a friend who's neighbors were wanting to give theirs away. It came with the house when they bought it, but they don't want it. Not sure the size, but according to our friend it's a decent size. Good starter pool for us, too good of a deal to pass up. (We were going to buy one this summer anyways.)

I am still working on ankle socks out of my leftovers for my friend, M. This is the wildest pair with too many ends to weave in. They came out slightly different, but she won't care. I am on the fourth and final pair, I believe. At least for now. I don't have much left for odds and ends, so she may have to wait until I knit some socks for other people to build up the leftovers stash again. These ones are just plain old 60st vanilla socks on 2.5mm needles, did a 10 row ribbed cuff, heel over 30sts, toe to 20sts. The yarn is all Kroy of different breeds, there's lavender jacquard, tutti frutti jacquard, royal jacquard, and mexicala. Details here.

I made our turkey yesterday as Hubs went to work this morning. I guess turkey dinner yesterday and leftovers isn't enough for the Littlest One. He called Nanny first thing this morning to see if she's doing turkey today. So we're off to Nanny's later today for another turkey dinner!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Donna M said...

Looks like the boys did well from the Easter bunny!
You will enjoy the pool this summer!

9:40 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Happy Easter ! You can never have too much turkey if you ask me .Looks like your guys did alright by the Easter bunny . Happy for you all about the pool . I'm sure you'll all enjoy it this summer .

I like those socks , super bright colours !

12:03 PM  

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