Friday, April 13, 2012

Casted for the First Time

Someone fell off of a rock in school yesterday morning at recess and broke his wrist! The first time one of the kids has acutally broken a bone and required a cast.

Mr. Pouty Face. I took him to see our doctor first, then he sent him for an xray. He really figured it was just sprained or a hairline fracture. The xray technician called him right away, and he arrived at the hospital in about half an hour. He then informed me that it was indeed broken, and it was a kind of break that he wouldn't touch, I had to take him to the IWK to get it set. (He has a Type 2 Salter-Harris break, which means he has a break in his growth plate and into the shaft of the bone.) I don't drive in the city itself, Hubs was away, Dad was away... so I called the Boss Lady's Hubs, and he took us. We got there around 3pm, they set it around 5:30, and we got home almost 9pm.

He hates needles, and they tried twice to start an iv at our hospital so he'd be ready when he got to the children's hospital. They could get in it, but they couldn't advance it, and he screamed blue murder. Our doctor told them to leave it, they'd do it in the city. They put some freezing on his hand once we got there for a bit, but he still yelled out when the nurse inserted the iv. Luckily she got it in fast the first try. I felt bad laughing, but when he was coming around from the sedative it was quite funny, I couldn't help myself. Poor kid. He has to go next week to get it checked, and they're hoping it stays the way they put it so he won't need an operation. (One piece was kind of pointing up.) Hopefully it won't cause any complications in the future with growth. They xrayed it after they set it, and everything went well. It only took 10 minutes to set and cast! The longest time was waiting for the specialist to show up.

He missed school today, and I'm sure Monday he'll come home with a well decorated cast once his friends all sign it. He has to wait until tomorrow night before anyone can write on it. Today his brother brought him home a bag of get well cards from all of his (the Oldest One's) classmates, and another friend brought his homework over to him tonight. And wouldn't you know it, he broke the right wrist, and he's right handed! Another sucky thing is this week coming is Music Festival week, and he's in the local youth jazz band, he plays trumpet. He had a trumpet solo in one of the songs they are playing. It's the first year for the youth jazz band, so it's the first year in the Music Festival, and he's going to miss it!

Happy knitting!


Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ouch - I was about his age when I slipped on the ice and broke my wrist. I did it on the one day my Mom decided to go out, so the school had to call my grandma who was on her way to work. She came and got me and I sat at her work (a high-end ladies clothing store) for two hours until we go a hold of Mom.
He'll like the cast better when it starts getting him attention and everyone wants to sign it! Draw a little cat face on it for me :)
Oh.... and tell him, if his palm gets itchy DO NOT stick an marker, lid-end first, down it to scratch... the lid will come off and much hilarity will ensue... though he won't think so at the time...

12:36 PM  
Blogger Donna M said...

Poor Guy! Hope all goes well with his healing process!
But he will be a hero to his friends with his cast!!

9:34 AM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Ow , the poor guy , hope it doesn't have to stay on too long !

My boys both had broken bones at one time or another , but Max takes the cake . I was often in the ER with him . He injured himself playing football when he was sixteen .He broke a bone in his foot and had to have a walking cast which he was supposed to have on for a month . The smart ass decided after 3 weeks he'd had enough and took it off himself . Ask me if I was po 'd . He thought it was funny . Fortunately no reprecussions , but mom took no end of flack from the doctor on his followup exam .

4:13 PM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

Oh no! Hope he heals quickly and properly.

6:46 AM  

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