Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Cuba 2015 Part Four

There are tons of old beautiful cars in Cuba.  We were in Holguin, but our next trip may be to Varadero as my parents want to go.  It's close to Havana, and my Dad wants to see the old cars, that's his thing.  These two were taxis.

Five of our group decided to do the double decker open top bus trip to Guardalavaca one day, it's only 5 pesos each round trip.  One of the coolest things we did, albeit windy up top.  I got wind burn on my camera arm, lol.  I had my arm hanging off the top of the bus the whole time there and back, constantly snapping pictures.  They go in to other resorts, too, so you get a glimpse of what some of the other ones are like.  

More old cars used for taxis at the market.  Loved this old one.

There are some pretty neat things at the market.  Warning, though, you have to be careful with anything wood, Canadian customs can take it from you.  If it's well varathaned you should be okay, but definitely check things over, look for bug holes.

Beautiful leatherwork.  Next trip we would like to get a couple of these for the rec room.

Some of the houses in Cuba are quite cute, but some are really ramshackle and look like something you'd keep livestock in.  One thing I found very sad is there's no garbage collection, so there are spots on the sides of the roads in the ditches that are just strewn with garbage, it's a shame.

After the bus tour we grabbed a quick bite to each and headed to the beach for some more snorkeling.  That's pretty cool, too.  The fish come right up to you, people take bread down and feed them.  I didn't have an underwater camera, but the next trip down I will.  Very pretty fish, bright yellow and blue, white and black tiger stripes, orange.... I found a couple of starfish, and one day we saw what we thought was a rock, but it was some sort of flat fish crawling along the bottom of the ocean floor.

Since it's windy there all the time the ocean is kind of rough.  Had to be careful along the edges of the shore, it's all sharp, sharp coral.  But there were lots of cool fish along there.  They also had lots of needle sharp urchins.

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Blogger elns said...

Oh more good times! I learned to enjoy snorkeling in Hawaii. It sounds like it would be so cool in Cuba. I love the pictures of the old cars and I'm not even a car person!

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