Saturday, November 19, 2016

More Stuff

The children's hospital put out a call for more finger puppets, so some of the local knitting group answered the call.  I made 17 Hare Finger Puppets out of one skein of Patons Astra with some odds and ends for the faces and tails.  Details here.

Next up are some vanilla socks.  The first pair is Patons Kroy in Deep End.  Details here.

Then some vanilla socks made with Kroy again in Sunset with red heels and toes.  Details here.

And one more pair in Kroy in Rainbow Stripes with red heels and toes.  Details here.

Got someone who knits but has no time, so she was looking for a knitter to whip up some of her yarn into socks.  She gave me enough for seven pairs to start.  I am on the last pair now.  I have five pairs to show, the sixth pair hasn't been washed and blocked yet, so no pictures.  They were all vanilla socks except for one pair.  The first pair is Lana Grossa Magdalena Neuner Champion.  Details here.

More Lana Grossa Magdalena Neuner Champion, but I didn't care for this skein.  Don't know if it was the dye or what, but it definitely felt different than the pair above.  It was rough and stiff but did soften up some with washing.  They still don't feel as nice as the other pair.  Details here.

Berroco Sox done in the Thuja pattern.  Details here.

And the final pair (for now!), I love the colors, Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Mexiko, always one of my favorites anyways.  Details here.

Happy knitting!


Blogger elns said...

Well guess I'm going to knit some socks tonight. ha! It's hard to visit you and not want to knit on a pair for a bit.

I really love the adorable finger puppets. It's some good feelings knit into those for a good cause. The photo is fantastic.

All the best.

7:25 PM  

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