Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunshine for Last Celebration Day

It's finally sunny for the last day of Privateer Days. This afternoon I will take the boys down to the rides. They don't have as much there this year as they did last year, and I think there's only about 4 crappy rides that Logan can go on, and maybe only 5 or 6 for Darren. I'm sure they'll still have fun. Fireworks are tonight. The rides were supposed to stop at 5 today, but they will probably stay til the fireworks. I will ask when I get there, that way we could take the boys down a little early, and they can go on the rides again if I get them bracelets. We went to the parade yesterday. It had stopped raining, but of course by the time it reached where we were it started to rain, and I got soaked. The boys weren't so bad because they had raincoats (something I don't have), plus I had the stroller hood pulled over them.

Last night was interesting. We went up to a friend's place to a party. Travis left first and called me to tell me that the police had the road closed off because someone had himself barricaded in his house and was threatening to kill himself. A friend dropped me off, but the police wouldn't let her drive me up. I had to walk across some lawns to get where I was going. I guess he had a knife and not a gun, so they let people quietly come and go on foot. We left around midnight, and they were still there. The police came up once and asked the ones who were outside getting some air to please be quiet and go inside so they wouldn't "aggitate" a "volitile" situation. Don't know if it's still going on or not. Anyways, we wandered down to the beer tent, but it was so packed we just stood outside and talked to some friends, went and got some donair meat and went home.

I have the back and the left front of Trellis completed. I am about 1/3 of the way up on the right front. I won't get it finished this weekend because of all the comings and goings, but I should be able to finish it up by mid-week.

Happy Knitting!


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