Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm So Excited!!!

I'm so excited! The Big Boss Lady let us order our sock yarn order today! It's a whole bunch of Regia sock yarn, some 3 ply, some 4 ply, some solids, some self striping, some new spring 2006 colors, and some cotton sock yarn. We also wanted some more colors of Fortissima Socka but didn't see it listed on the site of the previous supplier we purchased it from. Shelly e-mailed them to see if they still carry it. We also e-mailed Plymouth Yarn to see if there is a Canadian supplier for Sockotta. Our sock yarn definitely needs to be built up. We've had been selling yarn for almost a year now. We only ever got in one big order of Bernat Sox yarn and a couple of "top ups", and we got one order of three different colors of the Fortissima Socka 100g balls once. Think we topped off a couple of Kroy colors once, too. I'll be on cloud nine the day that order comes in! (Broke, too!)

This is a front and back view of the completed baby sweater. It turned out quite nicely. The pattern called for two buttons at the neck opening. I couldn't find any buttons I liked so I didn't bother. The neck isn't too small to fit over a little one's head. It's size 12 months. It's hard to see, but there is a cable running down the middle of the front and back. This was another pattern with inset sleeves! Grrrr! It did sew up well. Everything worked perfectly, no having to rip and re-do anything. It went together more smoothly than the last few things I've made that required the dreaded sewing up.

Logan had a couple of scratches on his hand yesterday and required band-aids. There's one on his thumb and two on the back of his hand. (He's wearing his socks I made him last month!)

What a ham! See that blue Tonka truck in the top two pictures? That's an antique - it was mine when I was little! I got it for Christmas one year. There's a dirt bike that goes on the back of it. I think that is at Nanny's house. The tires come off. Right now I think it has three tires, but the other one is kicking around the house somewhere. I was a tomboy. The boys have a lot of dinky cars that were mine, some Lego, and a bunch of stuffies.

Anyways, working on two small projects right now. I am down to the toes on the first sock of a pair for Darren. Should have that finished tonight. I think I will have enough yarn left to make a matching pair for Logan. I am also working on the surprise object. I hope I will like it when it's finished. I am about half done or a little more. I think I will concentrate on Darren's socks first. He's getting quite excited for them, I think.

Happy Knitting!


Blogger Donna said...

I love the sweater. The colours are wonderful. You must be pleased with how well it turned out. Your little ones are really cute. So much fun at that age.

12:13 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

Beautiful sweater! It turned out very well!

9:33 PM  

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