Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mini Stash Flash

Here's just a mini stash flash. I am starting to build up sock yarns, and I forsee a fetish starting that will involve hoarding hand-dyed socks yarns (I really do!).

This yarn is two odd-dye lots from the store that I plan on using to make children's socks. They will be for the store, of course, and I think I'll use this pattern.

These three balls also belong to the store. They are more of a bluish/grey (called Denim) than the picture. I think I will make men's socks with these. If I have enough I'll make a pair of children's socks as well.

This sock yarn is mine. I bought it to make some socks for the boys. They will pobably be the same pattern listed above. I figure Munchkin #1 will get a couple of pairs, and Munchkin #2 will get a couple of pairs with different colored toes/heels from the leftovers. Hey, it works for me!

This is some leftovers from both pairs of Mother's Day socks. It's Regia that I will combine with the Kroy to get some children's socks.

Now we get to the good stuff! The hand-dyed 100% merino I got on eBay from this seller to make the dreaded Wyverns! Gotta learn short-row heels first!

I am currently bidding on this yarn from this seller and have Hedera in mind. (More hand-dyed merino!)

Then there's the two Lorna's Laces I bought on eBay but haven't gotten in the mail yet. I also have some I bought ages ago but haven't used. The color on top is Bittersweet and will become Jaywalkers. The middle one is Gold Hill, and I'm thinking of something cabley, maybe this. The bottom one is Rainbow, and I'm thinking something really basic, like 3x1 rib or something. I saw it on someone else's blog, can't remember who, and she had no luck with it til she ripped it out (think she had tried Jays) and just did a plain pair.

And let's not forget the Thomas yarn, also hand-dyed, that I got to make socks for the boys.

My current project for socks is a pair of Yukon Leaves for myself made in purpley pink hand-dyed merino bought from the same seller as the orangey stuff for the Wyverns. (Pumba looks enthused, doesn't he?) It really isn't flourescent like it looks in the picture. It is bright, though. I will try to get a better finished picture outside in natural light. I should get the first sock finished tonight. (There's also a bag of ragg yarn, grey and natural, that I got on eBay last year for a real steal that I plan on making some work socks for hubby with. There is enough for two or three pairs, I think. Not exciting enough to picture, plus I forgot!)

I think that does it for my sock yarn for now! My stash is sick compared to some, but it's getting there!

Lastly I want to leave you with a picture of something very nice a good friend of mine did (who also happens to be the assistant manager where I work). It was delivered this morning to the graveyard across the road from me. (Yes, I live across from a graveyard. My great grandparents and great-great grandmother are directly across the road from me, first ones on the left.) This is his great-grandfather and mother, I think, and their children. Most of them died of TB, and some have no dates as he wasn't sure when they died. He's not even sure if all the people listed on the stone are buried here, but he wanted them all included regardless. (The cemetery records in our community were very poorly kept years ago.) There was nothing to mark their graves, so he bought this for them. He is very into family tree stuff. He knows more about most families around here that the actual family members do! He's bought other stones and foot markers for other members of his family as well. I think it's so nice, and not a cheap thing to do, either!

I had to go up and take a picture of it for him this morning and pop in to show him. He had to work til 5 and didn't get to see it til then. I'm sure he was misty-eyed - things like that mean a lot to him. Also, his roommate's father died last year, and his stone was delivered today to another graveyard on the outskirts of town. I'm sure that was a cause for more misty eyes.

Happy knitting!


Blogger aija said...

Nice!! That hand dyed merino in green is so cute, with the sheep! :) I'm trying to be good and not cast on with my Kroy for the Devan sweater before finishing a few things... its tough cos its squishy and I remember how I liked knitting with it (baby socks, that have held up better than some of my own socks!)

3:10 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Love your stash! You get such great colours for all your socks!
The tombstone is really nice. What a good idea for someone to do. He is such a nice guy!!

10:36 AM  

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