Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Home on the Range

BIL and SIL moved back to town on the weekend. They bought their first house. Hubby drove the U-Haul since they needed a driver with a license that covered air brakes. We went up in the evening, and the boys played with the dogs. The first one is the best of the bunch, a roly poly Valley Bulldog named Rogue. (She's a mite "huskier" than the dogs in the link.) She's a sweetie.

Next up are the other two. Bronx on the left is a pit bull. Kyra on the right is a mental boxer. Her elevator doesn't go all the way to the top, and I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. (I actually don't trust Bronx, either. He's not one year old yet and wheezes like there's no tomorrow. The vet says there isn't anything wrong with him, but I beg to differ. I've never heard a puppy breathe like that before. As soon as he runs a few feet he sounds like he's gonna keel over. So he doesn't run very far. It's terrible. I think these dogs are okay in the right household, but these guys are expecting a baby, and I don't trust either of these two dogs. Kyra growled and grabbed the Littlest One's wrist later on after this picture was taken cuz he had her ball and wanted to play with her. She didn't break the skin, but she scared him and me and quickly ended up back in her kennel. No offense to any pit bull owner/lovers out there, but I'd rather not have them around kids. Too many instances where the kind, gentle pet turned, and I know it's not just that breed. I'd rather be safe than sorry.)

BIL also has another dog that resides with my SIL (hubby and BIL's sister) who is supposed to be going to live with them now. I don't know how they'll get along. He's "the boss", an eight-nine year old rottweiler. (He's another one I don't trust around kids. When the Oldest One was two we were at the in-laws house on Christmas Day. He was playing on the floor, being loud at times, and all of a sudden the dog got up, growing, and went right towards him. Thank goodness he didn't move fast, but I grabbed the kid, passed him over my head to hubby, and SIL was there and grabbed Xavier by the collar. Ever since then he's been locked away when the kids are around. Plus he's bitten twice, breaking-the-skin bites, unprovoked.)

Onto other subjects... I had to snap this picture -- and they say women have too many shoes! This is most of BIL sneaker collection. Yes, I'd say he has a fetish.

He also has a Playstation 3, so that helped to keep the kids amused.

I decided to dig this sock out of the stash. It was meant for step-FIL for last year's Father's Day. It's just sooooo boring, plain drab grey rib. Blah! I am finishing the final two small child's pairs of socks for my Dulaan box so I can mail it by Friday (gonna have to send it air so it gets there in time). Next comes the mate to this sock. This is how it's gonna be and that's that. I have to start Sockapalooza socks, so this sock will/must be finished first! (Look -- I even managed to hang onto the scrap of paper that had the number of rows, gusset pick-ups, and other little necessary tidbits on it! It was in a book that belonged to the Littlest One who saw I was using his book and demanded its return. I'm amazed I didn't lose it.)

And I do have two FOs. First up is a felted bag from Patons Classic Wool. I kinda have mixed feelings about this bag. I added the little button flap for something different.

The second one is also Patons Classic Wool, but it's a smaller bag. I only used a little less than a skein for this one. Look how differently it striped with fewer stitches. This is the first one I made out of the same color, same dye lot. (At the end of that post.)

Anyhoo, long post, it's getting late. Hope to have some pictures of small socks within the next two days.

Happy knitting!


Anonymous Dipsy said...

Did I ever mention that you make the most beautiful bags? I just thought I had to repeat that - considering the fact that I still didn't dare try my hands at knitted/felted bags, I just have to marvel at yours and be most impressed indeed!
Awww, these doggies are beautiful - but I have to agree with you, I wouldn't trust them around little kids and certainly not around newborns! I never had a dog so I know I shouldn't judge them just by their looks, but we all hear so many horrible things about certain dog breeds, and I doubt that boxers or Rottweilers or the likes are trustworthy enough to let them close to small kids. I for one wouldn't dare to do so!
Oy! Your BIL sure has a fetish there - and being a sneaker nut, I got pretty jealous looking at this collection! Awesome! ;)

4:20 AM  
Blogger Carol said...

I have to agree with dipsy about the dogs....it scares me to think what could happen to a child...
I love the bags, especially adding the little button flap...I am working on a felted bag right now.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

I love dogs but I wouldn't be comfortable with those breeds around kids or adults. They may be perfectly fine, but who knows what may set them off. Some breeds are just more aggressive and are bred to be that way.
Love the bags!
I am starting the front on my vest!
Almost a year and 1/2 to the next Lucy class!

11:18 AM  
Blogger Heddy said...

Pretty dogs -- regardless of the breed (chihauahaua or bull mastiff) I don't trust kids and dogs! My dogs are really gentle, but when the kids come to visit , I am a wreck! My sister was bit by a scotty under a table when we were just little , and i can recall it as plain as if it was yesterday -- not something I'd ever want to have happen to any child I care about! Plus -- kids are so quick, and can scare dogs, causing them to act out of character! I would hate to see someone hurt -- so I try to avoid the issue whenever possible!

I always say "dogs are animals, and kids can be animals -- both are unpredicatable!" I wouldn't want my dogs to be in a situation where they felt they had to protect themselves!

Regardless ... they are still pretty dogs (I am scared of Rotties though -- Pitbulls scare me a little, and I have yet to meet a vicious Valley Bulldog- the tend to be big babies!)

10:04 PM  
Blogger lexa said...

My nephew, who will be 16 this month, was attacked by a dog that was owned by his now-girlfriend's grandparents. Can't remember when it happened exactly, probably five, six years ago. He had like 140 stitches in his back and legs. It was a mutt that showed no real aggression prior to this. He just happened to fall off of his bicycle too close to the dog and got pounced on. The dog was put down.

I am not personally afraid of the Rott myself, but he's not used to kids, so I don't trust him. The pit bull I'm not afraid of, just him around the kids. The boxer... well, I wouldn't trust that thing around anyone. Now the bulldog, that's just the sweetest little thing you'd ever want to meet! I'd almost get a dog if it was like her. Almost, but not.

10:30 PM  

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