Friday, September 21, 2007

End of Summer of Socks

Today is the last day for Summer of Socks 2007. I didn't get nearly as many socks knit this summer as I had anticipated. It half seems like I didn't get a whole lot of anything finished! (Not really true. In my sidebar list of FOs of 2007 everything from Step FIL Socks 11 to Camper Dishcloth are summer FOs. Nothing huge, just lots of little things.)

I finished the striped panel of the baby blanket for nephew-to-be. I know acrylic doesn't truly "block", but I am going to try to block them a little before I go any further. They both have a kinda wonky shape because of the yarn (Bernat LuLu), so I feel I need to even them up before I attempt to seam/border anything.

It's my weekend to work. Well, it really wasn't, but I switched with the other lady so I could have next weekend off. It's the last weekend for camping, and the kids have no school on Friday. I am going to the campground tomorrow night after work so I can start packing up some stuff on Sunday. Hubby won't be around to help. He should arrive in Whitehorse tomorrow morning. It's supposed to be sunny and +24C, so we still have some summer kicking around! Its been gorgeous here lately.

Came home the other day to find Simba and Pumba flaked in the kitchen window together. Meatheads. But cute meatheads!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Happy knitting!


Blogger Charity said...

Sometimes I think all those little things are better than a few big projects, yours are all great! :0)

7:12 PM  
Blogger Larry said...

You have way more finished projects than I do. But I probably have more unfinished ones. Cats are cute!

9:30 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Smart idea to trade this weekend for next! Last nice holiday of our wonderful autumn!
That's why I don't sign up for those things. I am so competitive and would be driven to complete the list. Remember the MS3 from He..!
I still can't post pics!

10:22 AM  
Blogger aija said...

Ooh, I just want to snuggle into that warm kitty fur!!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Dipsy said...

Your kitties are just the cutest - how very, very adorable!!!! Please give them a big hug from me!

5:52 AM  
Blogger Alisha said...

I love those kitty cats!!!

1:39 PM  

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