Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is It Friday the 13th?

Today is actually November 26, I started this post last night and didn't finish it. Today is my parent's anniversary, 42 years. Neither one remembered. Ma thought it was tomorrow, Pa had no clue.

So my house has a weird sewer hookup, as does the house besides me. The other day a Region guy stopped to check the holding tank, and pump wasn't working. There's a big red flashing light and excruciatingly loud siren in the basement that goes off when there is a problem, but for some reason it didn't. They came, pumped it out, cleaned out the pump, back in business. So Monday they neighbor calls, her alarm went off, and she says my holding tank has sounded like running water all day. I went out, and it did sound different, so when they came to check hers they looked at mine, too, and lo and behold something blew apart in it. It was recirculating on itself, so I had to turn it off for the night. They fixed it yesterday. So today, the Oldest One misses the bus, so I have to work and said I'd drive him. I go by the basement door which is open a crack and get an awful whiff that I knew was no litter box. For the first time ever some sewer water came up through the drain in the back room! Yeee-uck!

So I call the Region guys, they check my holding tank, no problem there. I need a plumber cuz it must be something between the house and holding tank. I called a plumber who still hasn't returned my call, so in the meantime I call Pa, and he gets his friend with a vaccuum truck to come suck the drain out. Now I have to go home after the Oldest One's dentist appointment and clean up the gunk and still keep an eye on the drains to make sure it doesn't happen again. If so, I need a plumber to come take apart the clean out thing and snake it out. So in my great rush to get the Oldest One to school cuz he was ten minutes late after all this hassle, I step on the side rail on the truck, snow on my shoe, me in a hurry, flat on my back in the middle of the driveway. Embarassed more than anything cuz two of the Region guys are still there. I think I pulled my bicep in my left arm cuz it's really getting sore. I'm worried about my knitting, and I have so much to do! I think my right leg is going to pay tomorrow, too. (My driveway isn't paved, so I had to change as I was full of mud and muck.)

And my day isn't over. The Oldest One is supposed to be getting more fillings today. We'll see how that goes. Two weeks ago he had his first ones, and the dentist had to take out a nerve. Ouch.

So, onto some knitting. Here's the finished shower gift for Hub's cousin. The shower was Sunday at 2. I finished this hat Sunday at 1 at nephew's first birthday party! Nothing like cutting it close. (Details here. I'm too lazy and my arm is starting to hurt.)

This is the little sweater for newphew. Got another one just like it in a larger size that needs sleeves. Details here.

Here he is with his mommy's mommy opening our gift. He got a little truck, too.

Yummy birthday cupcake! I think my camera must have been on manual cuz pretty well all the pictures I took there were fuzzy.

Got a new computer desk, and now Pumba can't lay on the monitor. He decided to claim one of the shelves. I moved my stuff so he'd have more room and wouldn't mess up all the receipts I have to post.

And the two canine females are getting very close. Maggie loves to cuddle with her, but Jewel can be queer. She likes to be close but not too close. Sometimes she moves somewhere else, poor Mags looks dejected, but she follows her and cuddles up again!

Daddy had food.

Happy knitting! Christmas is getting close, get those needles clicking!


Blogger Monika said...

I'm sorry to hear about all your troubles! Hope you'll be fine in no time. The sweaters are adorable! But as always, the pictures of your pups are so very cute, love them!

7:40 AM  
Blogger Dorothy said...

I hope you aren't too sore!!
All that doggie cuteness ... awwwww

3:07 PM  
Blogger Donna M said...

The sweaters are beautiful! They must have been so pleased.

Hope your day from He-- is over and all is back to normal!

6:08 PM  
Blogger Frieda said...

Some days it doesn't just rain , it pours . Hope the days from hell are behind you. The sweaters are all beautiful , especially like the stripey bright one .

The pups are just too cute for words . Great photos !

8:43 AM  

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