Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Broadripples for Two KALs

I finished up the fugly broadripples (Ravelry details here) for my BF. They qualify for two KALs, the Sock-A-Month KAL as June socks, and the 52 Pair Plunge III for my first pair. These socks were started May 27, finished June 1, Broadripples in Bernat Sox crazy hot. I have enough leftovers to make a pair of fugly vanillas for the Littlest One.

The Kertzer rep was in today. We have ordered all six new shades of the bamboo sock yarn. They are matchy match for heels and toes! The other three colors not shown in this link are a wedgewoody blue, a nice taupe, and a variagated one that would go with either of those colors if you wanted solid heels/toes. We also ordered the ten new colors of the 4ply. (The other five aren’t shown on their site yet.) We also ordered Northern Worsted Tweed, not shown on their site yet, all six colors, would make gorgeous sweaters, more shades of the Marble DK, and also new Marble Baby. The Marble Baby isn’t on the site yet, either. There are five shades of that, we ordered them all, as well as the patterns that go with it. There’s also a new bamboo book that has patterns for summery tops in it.

I think that’s all we ordered. It is split into two orders, so some of it will be here in July (they are still waiting for their shipment), and the rest will follow in August, I believe. If the container ship lands early then we’ll get some of it sooner. They had lots of nice, new stuff at good prices, but this is it for now. We’ll probably have more new stuff in the fall cuz we are going to be replacing some of the stuff we have now, I think, that isn’t moving so well any more.

Happy knitting!


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Fugly? Not sure if this means what I think it means! :-))

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