Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PEI Trip Part 3 of 4

Day Three in PEI was Amusement Park Day. First off we went to Shining Waters. This was a pretty fun spot, though Hubs and I didn't really get our money's worth. Neither of us did the water slides. He would have, but he had tore the skin off of his left calf playing ball, so he didn't want to get it all wet. He's diabetic, and it isn't healing as fast as it should, so we thought it best if he avoided anything else that might irritate it even more.

The kids did this mini-coaster, gearing up for the big roller coaster at the next place.

We did a trip through the Topsy Turvy Cabin. It was a fast trip for me. I should have known better when there was a sign at the entry saying it can make you dizzy, disoriented, naseated, etc, that it wasn't the place for me. I get motion sick very easily, always have. (Even though when I was a kid I had much more tolerance for rides and such. But I was always car sick, always.)

Even though the boys look like they are standing crooked they are not, they are in fact standing straight. This was a kitchen area, and it looked like water was running uphill. I snapped two quick pictures of the boys and had to get out, I felt like I was gonna hurl. It didn't bother them, but I couldn't stand it. It doesn't move, it's just the way it's built.

There was a barn with various farm animals, I thought these guys were cute. They didn't say much, though.

The boys got to milk a cow, lol.

Of course I had to take a picture of the sheep!

There were two spots of peddle boats, plain old peddle boats, and pirate ship peddle boats. The boys did the pirate ship boats.

Then it was water slide time. There are four slides, two are lower and don't require tubes to use. They did those first, but apparently they weren't exciting enough. There were single tubes and double tubes for two riders together, but they stuck to the single tubes. The line up was long, but it went really fast. As soon as one rider hit the bottom there was an attendant to take the tube and pass it to the next person. So they got to go down several times. Most of the people wanted double tubes, so that line up did move a bit slower.

Next stop was Sandspit. Ferris wheel, Paratrooper, bumper cars and boats, mini golf, go-karts, train ride, etc, etc, and of course, the Cyclone Roller Coaster. The Oldest One thought he was going to get me on this paratrooper thing, but I had new for him - NO!

Way up top there, you can see Hubs with a white t-shirt on, the Littlest One is with him

Here they are again three seats down from the top. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go on this, and I did, twice. Even though I'm scared heights. It was a gorgeous view from the top, you could see the ocean, but there was no way I was moving to get any camera out of the bag. I had a death grip on the bar, and that was that.

Then the kids made their way to the roller coaster. The line ups for stuff were really quite short til evening hit, then lines got longer, but they moved along quite quickly.

The only other roller coaster any of us have been on is the wooden one at this place. This one is a lot bigger. For some reason I thought I'd take a trip on this ride, too. Once, and only once. (And Hubs didn't go!) The first drop is the biggest, and I will admit that I did have my eyes closed at some points, but I did it, I survived, that's that!

It was open til 11pm that day, but we scooted at 10. It was a long day, but the boys had a ton of fun.

Happy knitting!


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Great pics! Very brave of you to go on the roller-coaster!

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