Friday, September 03, 2010


I finished up a little cardigan for the store. It's knit with Bernat Baby Jacquards in the bluebell colorway. The pattern is from the booket Patty Cake, all patterns for the Baby Jacquard yarns. Started this one August 19 and finished it on the 28th. The only thing I really did differently from the pattern was omit the picot edge on the buttonbands. I didn't have enough yarn, and I didn't want to get another skein just for the sake of a few yards. And I used 3.5mm and 3.75mm needles. Ravelry details here. Got the yarn to make the boys version, too.

So we've been having an incredibly hot heat wave here the past week. It's been unbearable with the humidity. Today was the first day of school, poor kids. No air conditioning in the schools and all those bodies. The Littlest One is now in the same school as the Oldest One for the next two school years. There is new playground equipment there this year, so they got to check that out for a bit today, but I don't think they were allowed outside as long as usual because of the heat. And the Littlest One said something about getting ice cream or freezies or something.

But this evening it's actually cooling off. Earl is on his way and is set to hit here through the night and into tomorrow. After he passes through the temperatures are supposed to drop by 12-15C to a nice, comfortable low 20sC. (Instead of 35C feeling like 42C with the humidity!) The boys and I spent the past couple of days at the beach all afternoon, but the only relief we got there was to jump in the water (which was abnormally warm for here). I took knitting with me both days, but it was just too hot to touch it. I haven't knit hardly a stitch this week, but I think I'll sit down this evening and try to get the heel finished on my sock.

And on a sad note, remember this post from early August. Our dear friend and one of our best customers at the store passed away yesterday. His granddaughter (who has a daughter my Oldest One's age) called and said he wasn't feeling well, so they took him to the hospital where he peacefully passed away. All I can say is if I can make it to 94 and go quickly and quietly like that I'd be a happy camper. We sure will miss him. He hasn't been able to drive for the past couple of years, but when he still did drive he was at the store pretty well every day, sometimes for hours. I'd say, "See you tomorrow, Ralph", and he'd always say, "Well, at my age I'm not making any promises!". He liked to argue at times, too. You could tell if he was in the mood, lol. But I was thinking yesterday, he argued with all of them at the store except for me. We never had an argument, not once. (And don't get me wrong - he wasn't arguing to be nasty, that's just what he liked to do sometimes, and we all knew it.) Once in awhile he'd arrive with cards for us all with lotto tickets in them (he loved the lotto). He couldn't remember when it was all of our birthdays, so he'd do that once in awhile for us. He had a ticket one time, he gave me the ticket to look at and one of the other girls the list of winning numbers. He had her call off one number at a time while I checked his ticket. Sneaky devil knew he had every number except for the last one. He would have won $1 million, but with only 5 numbers he got $649. (It was the Atlantic 649.) He talked about that for ages and even years later he'd mention that time he was one number away from $1 million!!

Happy knitting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeHey beautiful sweater!
Sorry to hear of your friend he sound lovely, I feel as though I know him

12:15 AM  
Blogger Wanderingcatstudio said...

Very cute little cardigan. And I'm sorry to hear about your friend - but 94 is pretty darn good!
Hopefully the storm doesn't bring too much damage and brings some cooler weather (we've had horrible humidity too!)

12:29 AM  
Blogger Heddy said...

that cardi is so pretty ... I bet it sells in a heartbeat!

8:36 AM  
Blogger Shelley said...

What a cute cardigan! How'd you make it through Earl? We got strong winds (not too bad in my area) and rain. There were some homes without power but we had ours.

5:17 PM  

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