Monday, January 23, 2006


We are finally getting some snow this election day. (Not that I wanted snow - I was perfectly happy without it!) The forecast is calling for up to 10cm (4 in) of snow by morning. I would expect that there will be no school tomorrow. This is only the second time we've gotten any real amount of snow this winter. The only other time school was cancelled this year was back in mid-December. Check out my archives for January 2005 and see what we had last year this time! I was just looking at it. I posted pics on January 24, the day after a blizzard. Plus a week ago to that day we had a snowstorm. Both Mondays the store where I work was closed. That never happens unless it's really severe! All the snow around the Dakota and the old Green Girl -- haven't had enough snow to use the snowblower yet. Wednesday is supposed to go back up to about 3 Celsius and rain. It must be building up on my satellite dish tonight - we lost signal, so I stuck a Spongebob DVD in for the boys.

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics today. I told her I would either be making Pomatomus or Logan's cabled cardigan. I see some people have undecided by their name or two choices. We indecisive people! I am also thinking about signing up for Sockapalooza tomorrow. I get kinda nervous, though, sending something I've knit to a fellow knitter. I think I started something when I joined the Irish Hiking Scarf KAL! I didn't realize how fun KALs were until I joined one. I like seeing what everyone else is making.

I did start a sleeve yesterday for the Casual Cables sweater, but I lost interest in it very quickly. I ended up casting on for a sock to go with one I have completed already. Today I worked on it some more. This pair is going to be for me. I am just using Bernat Sox in Hippi Hot. It's an inexpensive acrylic sock yarn. I bought it almost two years ago, I think. I also have a ball of it in Army Hot to make Darren a pair of socks. That color is the best seller of that yarn at our store. We really don't sell a huge amount of sock yarn. Must not have that many sock knitters in town. We have an order put together of some new sock yarn to get in, all Regia. Maybe it will pick up with some new stuff. I find our selection a little on the boring side.

Well, I hope everyone gets out to vote today. I stopped in earlier today on my way to town. Travis may skip out on hockey tonight because of the weather. I figured he'd stop on his way, but he won't go out just to vote, I'm sure.

Happy knitting!


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